4th EAGE Workshop on Rock Physics

11 - 13 November
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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Call for papers

Technical Programme

Call for Abstracts

The technical committee invites you to submit an abstract of 2–4 pages. Abstracts should be submitted via the EAGE website using the downloadable template. Abstracts will be accepted for both oral and poster presentations. The deadline for submitting is 15 April 2017.


  1. Reservoir Modeling & Simulation
  2. Geomechanics & Fracture Characterization
  3. Sedimentological Integration with Rock Physics
  4. Carbonate Rock Physics
  5. Experimental Rock Physics
  6. Geophysical Petrophysics
  7. Computational Rock Physics
  8. AVA Seismic Data Conditioning & Inversion
  9. Uncertainty Quantification

"Young Talent" #RockStars Poster Session

EAGE would like to offer students an opportunity to submit an abstract to feature in the Technical Programme.  The Committee would like to hold a dedicated session for students during the workshop, to be highlighted as “Young Talent” #RockStars Poster Session.  The technical committee have arranged that the best abstracts (based on technical content) will be added to the programme and presenters will be offered free registration to the whole workshop!!

For any queries, please contact the Middle East office middle_east@eage.org or call us on +971 4 3693897