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Real World Problems I

05 September 2017
Session Room
Live 6/7
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M. Bastani, V.C. Baranwal
11:10 AM

Tu AEM2 06 Developing a Communications Management Solution for Airborne Surveys in Peri-urban Environments

  • J.A. Hodgson * (Geological Survey of Ireland)
  • E. Scanlon (Geological Survey Ireland)
  • M.D. Ture (Geological Survey Ireland)
  • S. O'Brien (Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment)
11:30 AM

Tu AEM2 07 Structural Geology Interpreted from AEM Data - Folded Terrain at the Foothills of Rocky Mountains, British Columbia

  • F. Jørgensen * (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland)
  • A. Menghini (Aarhus Geophysics)
  • G. Vignoli (GEUS and University of Cagliari)
  • A. Viezzoli (Aarhus Geophysics)
  • C. Salas (Geoscience BC)
  • M.E. Best (Bemex Consulting International)
  • S.A.S. Pedersen (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland)
11:50 AM

Tu AEM2 08 The RESOLVE Frequency Domain EM System Applied to a Geotechnical Project

  • A. Smiarowski * (CGG)
12:10 PM

Tu AEM2 09 Characterization of the Spiritwood Valley Aquifer, North Dakota, Using a Helicopter Time-domain EM System

  • J.M. Legault * (Geotech Ltd.)
  • T. Eadie (Geotech Ltd.)
  • G. Plastow (Geotech Ltd.)
  • A. Prikhodko (Geotech Ltd.)
  • D. Hisz (North Dakota State Water Commission)
  • J.C. Patch (North Dakota State Water Commission)
12:30 PM

Tu AEM2 10 Application of Helicopter Time-domain EM for Mine Operations

  • F. Effersoe * (SkyTEM Surveys ApS)
  • B. Brown (SkyTEM Canada Inc)