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Opening Session

04 September 2017
Session Room
Live 6/7
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T. Dahlin
8:45 AM

Mo AEM2 A00 01 Introduction

9:00 AM

Mo AEM2 A00 02 Geophysics in Infrastructure Construction - Needs and Benefit by Robert Sturk (Skanska)

9:30 AM

Mo AEM2 A00 03 Deep Geothermal Drilling by Guðmundur Ómar Friðleifsson (IDDP)

10:00 AM

Mo AEM2 A00 04 AEM Surveying for Mapping the Plumbing System of Yellowstone by Carol Finn (USGS)

10:30 AM

Mo AEM2 A00 05 Geophysics and Refugees, Then and Now by Paul Bauman (Advisan)