DatesEventLocationOrganizerCall for AbstractsRegistration
2023March0000029–30 Mar 2023IOSC on Machine Learning in Geosciences by Gerard SchusterOnlineShort CourseEAGEdata science machine learning eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023March0000130 Mar 2023EAGE Local Chapter London Technical Talk March 2023
Geothermal Exploration: Out with the old in with the new, with Mark Ireland
OnlineWebinarEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2023April000022–6 Apr 2023SAGEEP 2023New Orleans, United StatesConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyUnited StatesNorth America
2023April000033–6 Apr 2023IOSC on Land Seismic Survey Design by Paul RasOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics seismic acquisition eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023April0000411 Apr — 11 May 2023Data Science for Geoscience
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Jef Caers
OnlineShort CourseEAGEdata science machine learningOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2023April0000517–18 Apr 2023IOSC (EET) on Basics of Carbon Capture and Storage by Prof. Mike StephensonOnlineEducation Tour (EET)EAGEenergy transition eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023April0000617–20 Apr 2023The Open Group Summit
EA for Sustainability
London, United KingdomConferenceNon-EAGE EventUnited KingdomEurope
2023April0000718 Apr 2023CSEG SymposiumCalgary, Alberta, CanadaConferenceAssociated SocietyCanadaNorth America
2023April0000819–20 Apr 2023Seismic 2023Aberdeen, United KingdomConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyUnited KingdomEurope
2023April0000923–28 Apr 2023EGU General Assembly 2023Vienna, AustriaConferenceAssociated SocietyAustriaEurope
2023April0001026–27 Apr 2023IOSC on New Tools and Approaches in Reservoir Quality Prediction by Dr. Dave CantrellOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeology carbonate geology eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023April0001128 Apr 2023EAGE Local Chapter Czech Republic Technical Talk April 2023
With Dr. F. Staněk
Prague, CzechiaMeetingEAGE CommunityCzechiaEuropeeage-true
2023May000124 May — 15 Jun 2023Navigating Career Challenges and Opportunities of the Energy Transition
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Esther Bloem, Lucia Levato, Gwenola Michaud
OnlineShort CourseEAGEtraining and development soft skillsOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2023May000138–9 May 2023IOSC on An Introduction to Offshore Wind by Jeroen GodtschalkOnlineShort CourseEAGEenergy transition eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023May000148 May — 8 Jun 2023Introduction to Machine Learning for Geophysical Applications
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Jaap Mondt
OnlineShort CourseEAGEdata science machine learningOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2023May0001515–16 May 2023IOSC (EET) on Seismic Reservoir Characterization: An Earth Modeling Perspective by Dr Philippe DoyenOnlineEducation Tour (EET)EAGEgeophysics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023May0001616–18 May 2023Energy Geoscience Conference 2023Aberdeen, United KingdomStudent Conference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyUnited KingdomEurope
2023May0001722–25 May 2023IOSC on Palynology for Geologists by Prof Mike StephensonOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeology stratigraphy eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023May0001831 May — 1 Jun 2023DGMK/ÖGEW Spring Conference 2023
Exploring the subsurface potential - make the energy transition happen
Celle, GermanyConferenceAssociated SocietyGermanyEurope
2023June000191 Jun — 10 Aug 2023Geological CO2 Storage
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by A. Busch, E. Mackay, F. Doster, M. Landro, P. Ringrose
OnlineShort CourseEAGEenergy transition energy transitionOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2023June000205–8 Jun 202384th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
Securing a Sustainable Future Together
Vienna, AustriaConference & ExhibitionEAGEeage annual conference and exhibition acquisition analogues basin basins capture carbon carbonates ccs ccus characterization clastics climate co2 core das data decisions depositional digital digitalization digitisation drone ds10 ds11 ds12 ds13 dta economics economy emissions energies engagement engineering enthalpy environment environmental essentials europe european exploration extraction fault fiber fields fluids fwi gas generations geochemical geochemistry geoenergy geohazards geological geology geomechanics geomodels geophysical geophysics geoscience geostatistic geotechnical geothermal geothermals hardware hpc hydrogen imaging induced infrastructure integrated integration interferometry interpretation lever management marine mars materials metals methane methods minerals mining modeling modelling monitoring moon offshore optic outcrop overs parks petroleum petrophysics physics processing production remote renewable reservoir reservoirs risk risking risks rock scaling seal sedimentary seismic seismicity sensing simulation spews1 spews2 spews3 static steps storage structural subsurface sustainability sustainable systems transition unconventional uses water wellAustriaEuropeeage-trueeducation-truestudent-true
2023June0002119–21 Jun 2023GEODAYS 2023
The European Subsurface on the 2030 horizon
Pau, FranceConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyFranceEurope
2023June0002219–22 Jun 2023IOSC on Geological Interpretation of Geophysical Data for Mineral Exploration by Prof Michael DentithOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics mineral exploration eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023July000235–7 Jul 2023IOSC on Case Studies and Practical Considerations in Geophysical Acquisition and Processing Methods by Luca de VincenziOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics integrated geophysics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023July000249–14 Jul 2023Goldschmidt2023Lyon, FranceConferenceAssociated SocietyFranceEurope
2023July0002524–27 Jul 2023IOSC on Rock Physics and Computational Geophysics by Dr José M. CarcioneOnlineShort CourseEAGEreservoir characterization rock physics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023August0002615–17 Aug 20232nd EAGE Workshop on Fluid Flow in Faults and Fracture - Modelling, Uncertainty and RiskCanberra, AustraliaWorkshopEAGEco2 data fault faults fracture fractures geomechanical hydrogeological modelling multiphase risk scale solute storage uncertaintyAustraliaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023August0002716–18 Aug 2023First EAGE Conference on Deepwater Equatorial Margin: New Energy Frontier for South AmericaRio de Janeiro, BrazilConferenceEAGEafrica atlantic brazil conjugate deepwater digital drilling engineering environment equatorial guyana margins plays potential regulation suriname transitionBrazilLatin Americaeage-true
2023August0002822–23 Aug 2023EAGE Workshop on Unlocking Carbon Capture and Storage PotentialKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEenergy transition considerations economics geological incentives infrastructure monitoring policies reservoir risk storage subsurfaceMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023September000293–7 Sep 2023Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2023Edinburgh, United KingdomConference & ExhibitionEAGEnear surface eage near surface conference and exhibition acquisition agricultural agriculture airborne anthropogenic archaeogeophysics archaeology arctic assets bim bridges brownfields buildings characterisation climate co2 cryosphere dams das data detection digital drone effects emerging engineering environmental exploration expressing fibre flux forensic forestry gas geohazard geological geology geophysical geophysics geotechnical geothermal gis goals groundwater hazards hydrogeophysical hydrogeophysics infrastructure infrastructures integrated integration interfaces interoperability interpretation inversion karst land levees localisation methods mineral mining modelling models monitoring ndt nearshore networks nuclear objects observatories offshore optics optimisation parameters parametric pipelines processing programmes railroads recharge remediation roads runways satellite sdgs seismic sensors shallow sites soils standards storage surveys sustainable systems tailing tailings terrains tunnels twins uav uncertainties urban utilities visualisation visualisations voids waterUnited KingdomEuropeeage-truestudent-true
2023September0003010–15 Sep 2023IMOG 2023
31st International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry
Montpellier, FranceConference & ExhibitionEAGEeaog imog international meeting on organic geochemistryFranceEuropeeage-truejoint-true
2023September0003112–13 Sep 2023EAGE Conference on the Future of Energy - Role of Geoscience in the Energy TransitionKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConferenceEAGEenergy transitionMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023September0003218–20 Sep 2023Second EAGE Seabed Seismic Today Workshop
A New Era for Seabed Seismic
Milan, ItalyWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on seabed seismic middle eastItalyEuropeeage-true
2023September0003318–20 Sep 2023Seventh EAGE Borehole Geophysics WorkshopMilan, ItalyWorkshopEAGEgeophysics eage borehole geophysics workshop acoustic acquisition anisotropy avo borehole bridging conventional data greener inversion microseismic monitoring passive scale seismic ties vsp wellItalyEuropeeage-true
2023September0003420–21 Sep 2023PESGB/HGS Africa Conference 2023London, United KingdomConferenceAssociated SocietyUnited KingdomEurope
2023September0003520–22 Sep 2023First EAGE Conference on Offshore Energy Resources in the South AtlanticMontevideo, UruguayConferenceEAGEUruguayLatin Americaeage-true
2023September0003625–27 Sep 2023EAGE Seventh High Performance Computing WorkshopLugano, SwitzerlandWorkshopEAGEdata science eage high performance computing workshop architectures convergence data digital electromagnetic emerging engineering exascale fabrics geophysical histories hpc hpcc imaging inversion iot languages modeling models neuromorphic optimization overlapping physics precision processing programming quantum remote reservoir rock seismic simulation stacks systems upstream visualization volumesSwitzerlandEuropeeage-true
2023September0003727–29 Sep 2023IPETGAS 2023Ankara, TurkeyConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyTurkeyEurope
2023October000382–4 Oct 2023IOR+ 2023
22nd European Symposium on Innovative and Optimised Resource Utilisation
The Hague, NetherlandsConferenceEAGEengineering ior eor eage ior improved oil recovery conference data experiences fields materials mechanisms methods modeling monitoring physics surveillance sustainability uncertaintyNetherlandsEuropeeage-true
2023October000395–6 Oct 2023First EAGE Workshop on Hydrogen & CCS in LATAMMedellin, ColombiaWorkshopEAGEenergy transition ccus co2 considerations economics engagement geological hydrogen infrastructure management monitoring options regulation risk sequestration storageColombiaLatin Americaeage-true
2023October0004011–13 Oct 20237th World Engineers ConventionPrague, CzechiaConferenceNon-EAGE EventCzechiaEurope
2023October0004117–18 Oct 2023EAGE Workshop on Data Science - From Fundamentals to OpportunitiesKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEdata science climate cracking data decisions environmental exploration gas healthcare histories innovative insights institutes mainstream productionMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023October0004219–20 Oct 2023First EAGE Workshop on Water FootprintBogotá, ColombiaWorkshopEAGEColombiaLatin Americaeage-true
2023November000432–3 Nov 20232nd EAGE/Aqua Foundation Second Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference & ExhibitionNew Delhi, IndiaConference & ExhibitionEAGEnear surface eage indian near surface geophysics conference and exhibitionIndiaAsia Pacificeage-truejoint-true
2023November000446–8 Nov 20233rd EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy ApplicationsWorkshopEAGEeage-true
2023November000456–9 Nov 2023EAGE GET 2023Paris, FranceConference & ExhibitionEAGEenergy transition eage geoscience in energy transition conference acquisition aquifer assets barriers batteries beds borehole caprock carbon cavern caverns ccs ccus characterization climate co2 compressed considerations containment corrosion cpt crtical data depleted depletion diagenetic drilling dynamics economy ecosystem emissions enablers engineering environment environmental eor equipments europe european evaluations examples expertises exploration extrapolation fields forms gas geochemical geohazard geological geomechanics geomonitoring geophysics georesource georesources geoscience geosciences geotechnics geothermal hybrid hydrogen improvements initiatives injection integrated integration intermittency inversion lca leak license management mapping materials mature metals methane mineral mineralogical minerals mines mining modeling monitoring nuclear offs offshore overlaps pilots platforms pore portfolios practices predicting predictions production productions pumps radioactive recycling regulatory remediation renewable renewables reopening reservoir reservoirs resolution risk risks salt scale scaling seal seismic services shift shortages sites skills societies solar storage subsurface sustainability sustainable synthetic systems targets tcfd thermal tnfd transition transport underground unesco unprofitable upskill urban uses visualisation visualization waterFranceEuropeeage-true
2023November0004615–17 Nov 2023Second EAGE Workshop on Geothermal in Latin AmericaGuanacaste, Costa RicaWorkshopEAGEcharacterization constraints conventional drilling egs exploration fields geochemistry geology geophysics geotechnical geothermal hazards modeling operation policies reservoir shgs sustainable systems temperature updates usesCosta RicaLatin Americaeage-true
2023November0004721–22 Nov 20232nd EAGE Workshop on Quantifying Uncertainty in Depth ImagingKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEgeophysicsMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023November0004821–23 Nov 2023Fifth EAGE Borehole Geology WorkshopDhahran, Saudi ArabiaWorkshopEAGEgeology eage borehole geology workshop acquisition automation core data digital dynamics environmental gas geomechanics geothermal innovations integration management mineral mining monitoring petrophysics reservoir rock scaleSaudi ArabiaMiddle Easteage-true
2023November0004927–30 Nov 2023Fifth EAGE Conference on Petroleum GeostatisticsPorto, PortugalConferenceEAGEmultidisciplinary eage petroleum geostatistics conference bayesian co2 data dynamic gas gaussian geomechanical geomechanics geophysical geophysics geostatistics integration inverse inversion methods modeling modelling monitoring multipoint multivariate physics quantification reservoir rock spatial spatio storage surrogate thermal uncertaintyPortugalEuropeeage-true
2023November0005028–30 Nov 2023Fourth EAGE/AAPG Hydrocarbon Seals Workshop 2023WorkshopEAGEeage-true
2023November0005130 Nov — 1 Dec 2023Third EAGE Workshop on Mineral Exploration in Latin America "The Role of Mining in the Energy Transition"Santiago de Chile, ChileWorkshopEAGEenergy transitionChileLatin Americaeage-true
2023December000525–8 Dec 2023GeoBaku 2023Baku, AzerbaijanConferenceEAGEAzerbaijanRussia & CISeage-truejoint-true
2024May0005313–15 May 20246th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and EngineeringTsukuba, JapanMeetingEAGEasia pacific meeting on near surface geoscience and engineering delta deltaic impacts kong land methods monitoring offshore plains prediction renewable subsidence transitionJapanAsia Pacificeage-true