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2022October0000018 Oct — 27 Dec 2022Geological CO2 Storage
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by A. Busch, E. Mackay, F. Doster, M. Landro, P. Ringrose
OnlineShort CourseEAGEenergy transition energy transition energy transitionOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2022November0000115 Nov — 15 Dec 2022Introduction to Machine Learning for Geophysical Applications
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Jaap Mondt
OnlineShort CourseEAGEmachine learning data science machine learningOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2022November0000228–29 Nov 2022Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference and Exhibition (APGCE)Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConferenceEAGEapgce asia petroleum geoscience conference and exhibition asia fields geology geophysics geoscience ideas interpretation modeling monetisation petroleum potential sedimentary stratigraphic structural systems trapsMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2022November0000328–30 Nov 2022Eighth EAGE Arabian Plate Core WorkshopDhahran, Saudi ArabiaWorkshopEAGEeage arabian plate geology workshop analogs basin geological intrashelf models outcrop reservoir reservoirs rocks scale stratigraphic subsurface unconventionalSaudi ArabiaMiddle Easteage-true
2022November0000428 Nov — 1 Dec 2022South African Geophysical Association's 17th Biennial Conference & ExhibitionSun City, South AfricaConferenceAssociated SocietySouth AfricaAfrica
2022December000051–2 Dec 2022Fourth EAGE Workshop on Unconventional ResourcesBogotá, ColombiaWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on unconventional resources latin america appraisal characterization data decisions drilling engineering environmental factors formation gas geological geosciences integrated investments materials recovery reservoir reservoirs risk uncertainties unconventionalColombiaLatin Americaeage-true
2022December000065–7 Dec 20222nd EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy Applications in Asia PacificKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on fiber optics asia pacific 2emerging ccs civil downstream engineering fiber geothermal hydrogen imaging monitoring optic sensing transitionMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2022December000076–7 Dec 2022IOSC on Fundamentals of Petroleum Reserves under PRMS 2018 by Victor Alexei Huerta QuiñonesOnlineShort CourseEAGEengineering reservoir management eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022December000086–8 Dec 20222nd EAGE/SEG Workshop on Geophysical Aspects of Smart CitiesHong KongWorkshopEAGEeage seg workshop on geophysical aspects of smart cities acoustics capture carbon cities data environment geophysical hazards infrastructure integration land management mapping methods monitoring obstructions passive reclamation seismic sequestration sustainable tunnel underground urban voidsHong KongAsia Pacificeage-true
2022December0000913 Dec 2022EAGE Local Chapter Pau Evening Lecture
Un avenir pour le développement de projets miniers en France ?
Pau, FranceMeetingEAGE CommunityFranceEuropeeage-true
2022December0001014 Dec 2022EAGE Local Chapter Netherlands Evening Lecture
Geothermal Energy
Delft, NetherlandsMeetingEAGE CommunityNetherlandsEuropeeage-true
2023January0001116–18 Jan 2023IOSC on Sub-Surface Uncertainty Evaluation (SUE) by Manish AgarwalOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics integrated geophysics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023January0001217 Jan — 17 Feb 2023Developing Deep Learning Applications for the Oilfield: From Theory to Real World Projects
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Bernard Montaron
OnlineShort CourseEAGEdigitalization data science machine learningOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2023January0001319 Jan 2023EAGE Local Chapter of Stavanger Technical Talk January 2023
Understanding Spectral Decomposition even better, with Victor Aarre Madsen
OnlineWebinarEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2023January0001425–27 Jan 2023IOSC on Seismic Diffraction – Modeling, Imaging and Applications by Tijmen Jan MoserOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics integrated geophysics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023January0001530 Jan 2023E-Lecture on Multi-Wave and Full-Waveform Inversion in Southern Oman by Sylvain MascletOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023February000168–10 Feb 2023IOSC on Land Seismic Survey Design by Paul RasOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics seismic acquisitionOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023February0001715–17 Feb 2023Fifth EAGE Naturally Fractured Reservoirs WorkshopAix-en-Provence, FranceWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on naturally fractured reservoirs ccus characterization conventional drilling fractured geomechanics methods modelling recovery reservoir reservoirs seismic simulationFranceEuropeeage-true
2023February0001820 Feb 2023E-Lecture on Automated Top and Base Salt Interpretation Using Machine Learning by Oddgeir GramstadOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023February0001921–23 Feb 20232nd AAPG/EAGE Papua New Guinea Petroleum Conference & ExhibitionPort Moresby, Papua New GuineaConferenceEAGEeage aapg papua new guinea petroleum geosciencePapua New GuineaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023February0002022 Feb 2023E-lecture Webinar on Depth Domain Inversion: A Least-Squares Migration Approach To Quantitative Interpretation by Claudio LeoneOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2023March000211–3 Mar 2023International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC 2023)Bangkok, ThailandConferenceEAGEThailandAsia Pacificeage-true
2023March000226–9 Mar 20235th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience & EngineeringTaipei, TaiwanConferenceEAGEnear surface asia pacific meeting on near surface geoscience and engineering delta deltaic impacts kong land methods monitoring offshore plains prediction renewable subsidence transitionTaiwanAsia Pacificeage-true
2023March0002320–22 Mar 2023Third EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition
Technology Driving Innovation for the Future
London, United KingdomConference & ExhibitionEAGEdata scienceUnited KingdomEuropeeage-true
2023May0002416–18 May 2023Energy Geoscience Conference 2023Aberdeen, United KingdomStudent Conference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyUnited KingdomEurope
2023May0002531 May — 1 Jun 2023DGMK/ÖGEW Spring Conference 2023
Exploring the subsurface potential - make the energy transition happen
Celle, GermanyConferenceAssociated SocietyGermanyEurope
2023June000265–8 Jun 202384th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
Securing a Sustainable Future Together
Vienna, AustriaConference & ExhibitionEAGEeage annual conference and exhibition acquisition analogues basin basins carbon carbonates ccs characterization clastics core das data decisions depositional digital digitalization drone ds10 ds11 dte emissions energies engagement engineering enthalpy environment environmental essentials europe european exploration fields fwi gas geochemical geoenergy geohazards geological geology geomechanics geomodels geophysical geophysics geoscience geosciences geostatistic geothermal geothermals hardware hpc hydrogen imaging induced infrastructure integrated interferometry interpretation management marine mars methods minerals mining modeling modelling monitoring moon outcrop overs parks petroleum petrophysics physics processing production remote renewable reservoir reservoirs risk risks rock scaling seal sedimentary seismic seismicity sensing simulation static steps storage structural subsurface sustainable systems transition unconventional water wellAustriaEuropeeage-trueeducation-truestudent-true
2023July000279–14 Jul 2023Goldschmidt2023Lyon, FranceConferenceAssociated SocietyFranceEurope
2023August0002815–16 Aug 20232nd EAGE Workshop on Fluid Flow in Faults and Fracture - Modelling, Uncertainty and RiskCanberra, AustraliaConferenceEAGEAustraliaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023August0002916 Aug — 18 Nov 2023First EAGE Conference on Offshore Brazil Equatorial MarginConferenceEAGEeage-true
2023August0003022–23 Aug 2023EAGE Workshop on Unlocking Carbon Capture and Storage PotentialKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023August0003131 Aug — 1 Sep 2023First EAGE Workshop on Hydrogen & CCS in LATAMWorkshopEAGEeage-true
2023September000323–7 Sep 2023Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2023Edinburgh, United KingdomConference & ExhibitionEAGEnear surfaceUnited KingdomEuropeeage-truestudent-true
2023September000333–7 Sep 2023Fifth EAGE Conference on Petroleum GeostatisticsPorto, PortugalConferenceEAGEeage petroleum geostatistics conference basin bayesian data dynamic faults fracture gaussian geomechanical geophysical geostatistical geostatistics gridded gridless integration inversion kriging modelling monitoring multidata multipoint multivariate physics probabilistic quantification reserve reservoir rock seismic spatial uncertainty upscalingPortugalEuropeeage-true
2023September0003410–15 Sep 2023IMOG 2023
31st International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry
Montpellier, FranceConference & ExhibitionEAGEeaog imog international meeting on organic geochemistryFranceEuropeeage-truejoint-true
2023September0003512–13 Sep 2023EAGE Conference on the Future of Energy - Role of Geoscience in the Energy TransitionKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConferenceEAGEMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023September0003618–20 Sep 2023Seventh EAGE Borehole Geophysics WorkshopLake Como, ItalyWorkshopEAGEgeophysics eage borehole geophysics workshop acoustic acquisition anisotropy avo borehole bridging conventional data greener inversion microseismic monitoring passive scale seismic ties vsp wellItalyEuropeeage-true
2023September0003720–22 Sep 2023First EAGE Conference on Offshore Energy Resources in the South AtlanticConferenceEAGEeage-true
2023October0003817–18 Oct 2023EAGE Workshop on Digital and Data ScienceKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023November000392–3 Nov 2023Second EAGE Workshop on Geothermal in Latin AmericaWorkshopEAGEeage-true
2023November000402–3 Nov 20232nd EAGE/Aqua Foundation Second Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference & ExhibitionNew Delhi, IndiaConference & ExhibitionEAGEIndiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023November0004121–22 Nov 20232nd EAGE Workshop on Quantifying Uncertainty in Depth ImagingKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2024May0004213–15 May 20246th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and EngineeringTsukuba, JapanMeetingEAGEJapanAsia Pacificeage-true