DatesEventLocationOrganizerCall for AbstractsRegistration
2022August0000011 Aug 2022DLP Webinar on Elastic full waveform inversion of DAS data: Theoretical developments and application to a VSP from a field site in Newell County, Alberta by Matthew EaidOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0000116 Aug 2022DLP Webinar on Low Frequency Seismic Acquisition on Land by Bart DuijndamOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0000217 Aug 2022E-Lecture Webinar on Resolving Near-surface Velocity Anomalies in Marine Data by Ian JonesOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0000322–24 Aug 2022Third EAGE Marine Acquisition WorkshopOslo, NorwayWorkshopEAGEeage marine acquisition workshopNorwayEuropeeage-trueeducation-true
2022August0000423 Aug 2022E-Lecture Webinar On the Robustness of Sparsity-Promoting Regularized Wavefield Inversion with Phase Retrieval Against Sparse Long-Offset Acquisitions by Hosein AghamiryOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0000523–25 Aug 2022EAGE Asia Pacific Workshop on CO2 Geological StoragePerth, AustraliaWorkshopEAGEAustraliaAsia Pacificeage-true
2022August0000623–26 Aug 2022IOSC on Construction of Fractured Reservoir Models for Flow Simulation Incorporating Geology, Geophysics and Geomechanics by Reinaldo Michelena, Chris Zahm & James GilmanOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeology geological modeling eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0000724 Aug 2022E-Lecture on Automated Top and Base Salt Interpretation Using Machine Learning by Oddgeir GramstadOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0000824–26 Aug 2022IOSC on Sub-Surface Uncertainty Evaluation (SUE) by Manish AgarwalOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics integrated geophysics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0000925 Aug 2022DLP Webinar on AI Seismic Interpretation of vintage seismic data with implications for CCS site characterisation by Dr Ryan WilliamsOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0001030 Aug — 2 Sep 2022IOSC on Upscaling and artificial intelligence based proxies for uncertainty assessment of reservoir production by Dr Dominique GuerillotOnlineShort CourseEAGEengineering reservoir management eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022August0001131 Aug 2022EAGE Local Chapter Germany Colloqium on Carbon Capturer and Storage
A joint event with Local Chapters London, Netherlands, and Czech Republic, and OSEG on August 31, 17:00-19:00 CEST
OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2022September000122 Sep 2022E-Lecture Webinar on Chevron Optimization Framework for Imaging and Inversion (COFII) – an open-source and cloud friendly Julia language framework for seismic modeling and inversion by John WashbourneOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September000135–7 Sep 2022ECMOR 2022
European Conference on Mathematics of Geological Reservoirs
The Hague, Netherlands / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage european conference on the mathematics of oil recovery ecmor acoustics assimilation basin capillary cbm characterization co2 coarsening combustion compaction compositional data devices discretization dynamical effects electromagnetics emulators eor fields foams fractured fractures gas generative geochemistry geological geomechanics geostatistics hardware homogenization induced inflow integration linear logs management mechanics methods microbes mobile modelling models multiscale networks optimization pore production properties reservoir reservoirs risk scale schemes seismic seismics sequestration situ statistical stochastic stratigraphical structural subsidence surfactants surveillance systems thermal uncertainty unconventional upscaling well workflowNetherlandsEuropeeage-trueonline-true
2022September000146–9 Sep 2022IOSC on Seismic Interpretation: Fundamental for Prospect Generation by Mr Dean PowellOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September000157–8 Sep 2022Second EAGE Workshop on Advanced Seismic Solution in the Gulf of MexicoCiudad de Mexico, MexicoWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on the caribbean shelf acquisition basement caribbean characterization exploration geological imaging integration methods migration modelling overburden plays processing risk risks seabed seismic shallow shelf subsurface uncertainties velocity waterMexicoLatin Americaeage-true
2022September000167–8 Sep 2022IOSC on Integrated Seismic Acquisition and Processing by Jack BouskaOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics seismic acquisition eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September000179 Sep 2022E-Lecture Webinar on In Pursuit of Increased Resolution While Preserving Amplitude Fidelity by Joseph ReillyOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September0001812 Sep 2022E-Lecture Webinar on Unlocking unprecedented seismic resolution with FWI Imaging by Zhiyuan WeiOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September0001912–14 Sep 2022MEDiNA Technical Conference and Exhibition 2022Tunis, TunisiaConference & ExhibitionEAGEaapg eage mediterranean and north africa conference and exhibition medinaTunisiaAfricaeage-truejoint-true
2022September0002013 Sep 2022E-Lecture Webinar on Seismic Attenuation: Friend or Foe by Mark VardyOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September0002113–15 Sep 2022EAGE Conference on Digital Innovation for a Sustainable FutureBangkok, ThailandConferenceEAGEeage conference on sustainable digital innovation asia pacificThailandAsia Pacificeage-true
2022September0002214–15 Sep 2022IOSC on Geophysical Data Analysis in Julia, including Machine Learning by Dr Rajiv KumarOnlineShort CourseEAGEdata science machine learning eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September0002314–16 Sep 2022Fourth HGS/EAGE Conference on Latin AmericaCartagena, ColombiaConferenceEAGEeage hgs conference on latin america america conventional exploration geology geophysical geoscience imaging methods petroleum seismic transition unconventionalColombiaLatin Americaeage-true
2022September0002415 Sep 2022DLP Webinar on Distribution of Faulted Mesozoic and Tertiary Seals for CO2 Storage in the Northern Horda Platform, Norwegian North Sea by Johnathon OsmondOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September0002518–22 Sep 2022Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2022Belgrade, SerbiaConference & ExhibitionEAGEnear surface eage near surface conference and exhibition airborne anthropogenic archaeogeophysics arctic balkans biomedicine borehole characterization climate co2 cryosphere data deposits downhole drilling drone electrical electromagnetic engineering environment environmental exploration fields forensic geohazard geological geology geophysical geophysics geosciences geotechnical geothermal goals gpr gradiometry gravity groundwater hazard humanitarian hydrogeophysics hyperspectral imaging innovative integrated integration interpretation inversion karst lidar magnetic magnetics mapping methods mineral mining modeling modelling monitoring multiphysics offshore physics processing remote reservoir robotic rock sdgs seismic sensing spatial storage surveys sustainable terrains terrestrial visualizationSerbiaEuropeeage-truestudent-true
2022September0002619–21 Sep 2022Sixth EAGE High Performance Computing Workshop
HPC: A Pathway to Sustainability
Milan, ItalyWorkshopEAGEeage high performance computing workshop architectures convergence data digital electromagnetic emerging engineering exascale fabrics geophysical histories hpc hpcc imaging inversion iot languages modeling models neuromorphic optimization overlapping physics precision processing programming quantum remote reservoir rock seismic simulation stacks systems upstream visualization volumesItalyEuropeeage-true
2022September0002719 Sep — 19 Oct 2022Developing Deep Learning Applications for the Oilfield: From Theory to Real World Projects
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Bernard Montaron
OnlineShort CourseEAGEdigitalization data science machine learningOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2022September0002820–23 Sep 2022IOSC on Applied Microfacies by Prof. Dr Michael PoppelreiterOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics integrated geophysics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September0002926–28 Sep 2022IOSC on Seismic Diffraction – Modeling, Imaging and Applications by Tijmen Jan MoserOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics integrated geophysics eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022September0003026–28 Sep 2022Sixth International Conference on Fault and Top SealsVienna, AustriaConferenceEAGEeage fault and top seals conference architecture carbonates ccs data fault faults gas geomechanical geophysical geothermal handing hydrodynamic hydrogen hydrogeology identification igneous learnings methods modelling nuclear outcrop petroleum petrophysical purposes reservoirs risk seal seismic siliciclastic storage systems uncertainty waterAustriaEuropeeage-true
2022September0003127–28 Sep 2022EAGE Workshop on Innovative Reservoir Modeling into Digital ProliferationKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEcapture carbon ccus characterization geomodeling innovative management modelling optimization recovery reservoir storage uncertaintyMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2022September0003229 Sep 2022E-Lecture Webinar on Quantitative prediction of injected CO2 at Sleipner using wave-equation based AVO by Peter HaffingerOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022October000333–5 Oct 2022International Conference Of Young Professionals (GEOTERRACE 2022)
Geo-Terrace Conference
Lviv, UkraineConferenceEAGEUkraineRussia & CISeage-true
2022October000343–7 Oct 2022Africa Oil Week 2022Cape Town, South AfricaConferenceNon-EAGE EventSouth AfricaAfrica
2022October000353 Oct — 3 Nov 2022Non-Seismic Data Acquisition and Processing: Gravity and Magnetics
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Jaap Mondt
OnlineShort CourseEAGEnear surface near surface non-seismic methodsOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2022October000364–6 Oct 2022IX Simpósio Brasileiro de GeofísicaCuritiba, BrazilConferenceAssociated SocietyBrazilLatin America
2022October000374 Oct — 4 Nov 2022Data Science for Geoscience
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Jef Caers
OnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2022October000385–7 Oct 2022IOSC on Land Seismic Survey Design by Paul RasOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics seismic acquisitionOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022October000396–7 Oct 2022Romanian Society of Applied Geophysics (SGAR) and International Lithosphere Program Task Force Sedimentary Basins: ILP-GEOSCIENCE 2022
16th Workshop of the International Lithosphere Program Task Force Sedimentary Basins & 7th Geoscience Symposium
Bucharest, RomaniaConferenceAssociated SocietyRomaniaEurope
2022October0004010–12 Oct 2022Sixth EAGE Eastern Africa Petroleum Geoscience Forum
The future of petroleum geoscience in the Eastern African energy mix
Cape Town, South Africa / OnlineMeetingEAGEeage eastern africa petroleum geoscience africa carbon data digitalization exploration geoscience licensing petroleum plays regulatory risking roles rounds subsurafce subsurface systems transition updatesSouth AfricaAfricaeage-trueonline-true
2022October0004111–14 Oct 2022IOSC on Sedimentological Characterization of Carbonate Rocks by Dr Catherine Breislin and Dr Laura GalluccioOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeology carbonate geology eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022October0004212–14 Oct 2022Second EAGE Workshop on EOR in Latin AmericaBogotá, ColombiaWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on eor development and evolution latin america americas chemicals emerging eor fluids ior management methods modelling numerical production reservoir simulationColombiaLatin Americaeage-true
2022October0004312–14 Oct 2022First EAGE West Africa E&P WorkshopCape Town, South AfricaWorkshopEAGEeage western africa e and p workshopSouth AfricaAfricaeage-true
2022October0004420–21 Oct 2022IOSC on New Tools and Approaches in Reservoir Quality Prediction by Dave CantrellOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeology carbonate geology eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022October0004524–27 Oct 20225th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience & EngineeringTaipei, TaiwanConferenceEAGEnear surface asia pacific meeting on near surface geoscience and engineering delta deltaic impacts kong land methods monitoring offshore plains prediction renewable subsidence transitionTaiwanAsia Pacificeage-true
2022October0004626–28 Oct 2022First EAGE Guyana-Suriname Basin Conference
Discoveries and Opportunities to Harness the Potential of a New Oil Patch
Georgetown, GuyanaConferenceEAGEeage workshop on guyana basins analogues biodegradation burial commerciality conjugate cretaceous data distribution drilling environmental fairways geohazards geology governmental guinea gulf guyanese hinterland impacts management margins migration offshore overviewing pathways petroleum potential prospectivity provenance regulations reservoir rocks sand sediment seismic subsurface synthesis systems talks tertiary uncertainties waterGuyanaLatin Americaeage-true
2022October0004728–31 Oct 2022Second EAGE Subsurface Intelligence Workshop
Tools of the Future... to Expose the Past!
Manama, BahrainWorkshopEAGEeage subsurface intelligence workshop middle east characterization data domain geoscience geosciences integration management methods physics reservoir seismic uncertaintyBahrainMiddle Easteage-true
2022November000483–4 Nov 2022Second EAGE Conference on Near Surface in Latin AmericaBogotá, Colombia / OnlineConference & ExhibitionEAGEnear surface eage conference on near surface in latin americaColombiaLatin Americaeage-trueonline-true
2022November000493–4 Nov 2022IOSC on Full-Waveform Inversion for High-Resolution Reservoir Characterization by Prof. Dr Dries GisolfOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics surface imaging eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022November000507–9 Nov 2022EAGE GET 2022
3rd EAGE Global Energy Transition Conference & Exhibition
The Hague, Netherlands / OnlineConference & ExhibitionEAGEenergy transition eage geoscience in energy transition conference acquisition aquifer assets barriers beds borehole caprock carbon cavern caverns ccs characterization co2 compressed considerations containment corrosion data depleted depletion diagenetic drawbacks drilling dynamics economy ecosystem emissions enablers environment environmental eor equipments europe european examples expertises exploration fields gas geochemical geohazard geological geomechanics geomonitoring geophysics georesource geosciences geotechnics geothermal hybrid hydrogen improvements injection integrated integration leak license management mapping materials metals methane mineral mineralogical mines mining modelling monitoring nuclear offs offshore overlaps pilots platforms pore portfolios practices predicting predictions production pumps recycling regulatory remediation renewables reservoir reservoirs resolution risk risks salt scale scaling seal seismic services shift shortages sites skills solar storage subsurface sustainability sustainable systems thermal transition transport underground unprofitable upskill urban uses visualisation visualizationNetherlandsEuropeeage-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022November000518–11 Nov 2022IOSC on Borehole Seismic Fundamentals and Introduction to Advanced Techniques by Mr Allan CampbellOnlineShort CourseEAGEgeophysics seismic processing eage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2022November0005214–15 Nov 2022Second EAGE Workshop on East Canada Offshore ExplorationSt John's, CanadaWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on newfoundland and labrador atlantic chances characterization digital drill emerging emissions exploration geological geophysical imaging interpretations labrador logistical metocean petroleum plays potential production prospectivity provinces risks seismic speeding waterCanadaNorth Americaeage-true
2022November0005315–17 Nov 2022Sixth EAGE Rock Physics Workshop
Impacts & Trends of the Digital Transformation
Riyadh, Saudi ArabiaWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on rock physics europe data eor experimental geomechanics integration interpreatation physics pore rock seismic uncertainty unconventionalSaudi ArabiaMiddle Easteage-true
2022November0005415 Nov — 15 Dec 2022Introduction to Machine Learning for Geophysical Applications
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Jaap Mondt
OnlineShort CourseEAGEmachine learning data science machine learningOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2022November0005521–22 Nov 2022First EAGE/SBGf Workshop on Reservoir Monitoring and its Role in the Energy TransitionRio de Janeiro, BrazilWorkshopEAGEeage sbgf workshopBrazilLatin Americaeage-truejoint-true
2022November0005623–25 Nov 2022Third EAGE Conference on Pre Salt ReservoirsRio de Janeiro, Brazil / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage workshop on pre salt reservoirs in latin america 1000 acceleration characterization digital exploration integration pathways permeability production recovery reservoir rock salt scales seismic stepsBrazilLatin Americaeage-trueonline-true
2022November0005728–29 Nov 2022Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference and Exhibition (APGCE)Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaConferenceEAGEapgce asia petroleum geoscience conference and exhibition asia fields geology geophysics geoscience ideas interpretation modeling monetisation petroleum potential sedimentary stratigraphic structural systems trapsMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2022November0005828–30 Nov 2022Eighth EAGE Arabian Plate Core WorkshopWorkshopEAGEeage arabian plate geology workshop analogs basin geological intrashelf models outcrop reservoir reservoirs rocks scale stratigraphic subsurface unconventionalMiddle Easteage-true
2022November0005928 Nov — 1 Dec 2022South African Geophysical Association's 17th Biennial Conference & ExhibitionSun City, South AfricaConferenceAssociated SocietySouth AfricaAfrica
2022December000601–2 Dec 2022Fourth EAGE Workshop on Unconventional ResourcesBogotá, ColombiaWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on unconventional resources latin america appraisal characterization data decisions drilling engineering environmental factors formation gas geological geosciences integrated investments materials recovery reservoir reservoirs risk uncertainties unconventionalColombiaLatin Americaeage-true
2022December000615–7 Dec 20222nd EAGE Workshop on Fiber Optic Sensing for Energy Applications in Asia PacificKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on fiber optics asia pacific 2emerging ccs civil downstream engineering fiber geothermal hydrogen imaging monitoring optic sensing transitionMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2022December000626–8 Dec 20222nd EAGE/SEG Workshop on Geophysical Aspects of Smart CitiesHong Kong, Hong KongWorkshopEAGEeage seg workshop on geophysical aspects of smart cities acoustics capture carbon cities data environment geophysical hazards infrastructure integration land management mapping methods monitoring obstructions passive reclamation seismic sequestration sustainable tunnel underground urban voidsHong KongAsia Pacificeage-true
2022December000636–8 Dec 2022Second EAGE Conference on Renewable Energy in the Middle East and Africa
Towards attainment of an environmentally sustainable and climate resilient energies.
Muscat, OmanConferenceEAGEeage workshop on geothermal energy and hydro power in africa africa climate durability energies geopolitics geothermal innovation integration management metals potential region renewable storage subsurface synergie transition waterOmanMiddle Easteage-true
2023February0006415–17 Feb 2023Fifth EAGE Naturally Fractured Reservoirs WorkshopAix-en-Provence, FranceWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on naturally fractured reservoirs ccus characterization conventional drilling fractured geomechanics methods modelling recovery reservoir reservoirs seismic simulationFranceEuropeeage-true
2023February0006521–23 Feb 20232nd AAPG/EAGE Papua New Guinea Petroleum Conference & ExhibitionPort Moresby, Papua New GuineaConferenceEAGEeage aapg papua new guinea petroleum geosciencePapua New GuineaAsia Pacificeage-true
2023March000661–3 Mar 2023International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC 2023)ConferenceEAGEeage-true
2023May0006716–18 May 2023Energy Geoscience Conference 2023Aberdeen, United KingdomStudent Conference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyUnited KingdomEurope
2023June000685–8 Jun 202384th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
Securing a Sustainable Future Together
Vienna, AustriaConference & ExhibitionEAGEeage annual conference and exhibition acquisition aeolian analogues anisotropy assimilation attenuation attributes avo azimuth basalt basin basins borehole capture carbon carbonates caverns ccs characterisation characterization civil clastics co2 compartmentalization continent conventional core coring coupling cuttings data decommissioning depositional diagenesis diffraction digital digitalization digitisation diversity downscaling drill economics electrical emergent emerging engineering environmental evaluations exploration extraction fault feasibility fields fluids fluvial foreland formation formations foundations fractured fracturing fwi gas geochemistry geochronology geology geomechanics geometries geomodels geophysical geophysics geoscience geosciences geostatistical geothermal gpr hardware hazards hills hse hsse hydrates hydraulic hydrogen hydrology imaging initialization injection innovation instrumentation integrated integrating interferometry interpetation interpolation interpretation inversion landscape logging lwd machines management mapping margins marine mechanical mediterranean methods mineral mining mitigations modeling modelling models monitoring multiple nfrs noise ocean offshore optimization outcrop overburden overs paleogeography passive permeability petroleum petrophysics physics placement porous posters potential powering prediction processing production purposes questions recovery regularization remote reservoir reservoirs resolution rift risk rock rocks salt scale scales seal sedimentary seismic sensing shale shallow simulation simulator simulators simultaneous static stimulation storage stratigraphic stratigraphy structural subsurface survey sustainability sustainable systems tectonics temperature thermo transients transition transitions treatments uncertainty unconventional underground upscaling velocity water wavefield waveform waves well wettability wirelineAustriaEuropeeage-trueeducation-truestudent-true
2023August0006915–16 Aug 20232nd EAGE Conference on Faults in Groundwater, CO2 and Hydrocarbons in Asia PacificConferenceEAGEeage-true
2023September000703–7 Sep 2023Fifth EAGE Conference on Petroleum GeostatisticsPorto, PortugalConferenceEAGEeage petroleum geostatistics conference basin bayesian data dynamic faults fracture gaussian geomechanical geophysical geostatistical geostatistics gridded gridless integration inversion kriging modelling monitoring multidata multipoint multivariate physics probabilistic quantification reserve reservoir rock seismic spatial uncertainty upscalingPortugalEuropeeage-true
2023September0007110–15 Sep 2023IMOG 2023
31st International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry
Conference & ExhibitionNon-EAGE Eventeaog imog international meeting on organic geochemistryEuropejoint-true
2023November0007214–16 Nov 20236th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience and EngineeringMeetingEAGEeage-true