DatesEventLocationOrganizerCall for AbstractsRegistration
2021May12 May – 12 Jun 2021Developing Deep Learning Applications for the Oilfield: From Theory to Real World Projects
An EAGE Extensive Online Course by Bernard Montaron
OnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021May17 May 2021Seismic 2021
The Role of Seismic in Unlocking Value in the Energy Mix
OnlineConferenceAssociated SocietyOnlineonline-true
2021May19 May 2021Managing a Career in the Energy TransitionOnlineStudent WorkshopEAGEOnlineeage-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021May19 May 2021Student Webinar on Managing a Career in the Energy Transition by Sean McQuaid
Student Webinar
OnlineWebinarEAGEEnergy TransitionOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021May19‑21 May 2021Noise, bias and geology – How to quantify uncertainties for probabilistic seismic inversion.
Student Webinar
OnlineWebinarEAGEEnergy TransitionOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021May21 May 2021Student Webinar on Noise, bias and geology – How to quantify uncertainties for probabilistic seismic inversion by Patrick ConnollyOnlineWebinarEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021May24 May 2021Webinar on Exploration discoveries and future trends by Andrew LathamOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021May24‑28 May 2021Horizontal Wells 2021
4th science conference
Astrakhan, Russia / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage conference on horizontal wellsRussiaRussia & CISeage-trueonline-true
2021May26 May 2021DET and YP: Interactive L&L
Insights into the role of geoscientists in the energy transition from an exploration geoscience perspective, with Ross Grant
OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineonline-true
2021May26 May 2021Local Chapter Germany - Opening EventOnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021May26‑28 May 2021Digital Subsurface Conference in Latin AmericaOnlineConferenceEAGEdigitalizationOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021May27 May 2021Webinar on Facies Probabilities: Seismic Inversion Coming of Age by Patrick ConnollyOnlineWebinarEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021May27 May 2021Local Chapter London: Technical Talk May 2021
Semi-universal Geo-Crack Detection by Machine Learning, with Gerard Schuster
OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021May27 May 2021Local Chapter Netherlands - Technical Talk May 2021
Mineral exploration with active- and passive-source seismic interferometry, with Deyan Draganov
OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021May27 May 2021Local Chapter Paris - Technical Talks May 2021
CCUS: A must in carbon offset strategies
OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityCCUSOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021June1‑4 Jun 2021IOSC on Applied Oilfield Geomechanics by Dr Jorg HerwangerOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June1 Jun – 24 Nov 2021Education Days Moscow 2021: IOSC2 Borehole seismic basicsOnlineEducation DaysEAGEeage education daysOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021June2 Jun 2021EAGE Basin & Petroleum Systems Analysis Community: Opening Talk
The Role of O&G Exploration in the Global Energy Transition, with Bjorn Wygrala
OnlineWebinarEAGE CommunityEnergy TransitionOnlineonline-true
2021June3‑4 Jun 2021IOSC (EET) on Microseismicity: A Tool for Reservoir Characterization by Prof. Serge ShapiroOnlineEducation Tour (EET)EAGEeage education tour eetOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June3‑4 Jun 2021First EAGE/VAPA Online Forum VENEZUELA’S UPSTREAM TO DOWNSTREAM: PAST, PRESENT AND FUTUREOnlineMeetingEAGEOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021June7‑10 Jun 2021IOSC on Introduction to Data Analysis: Concepts and Examples by Dr Robert GodfreyOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June10 Jun 2021EAGE Local Chapter Aberdeen - Technical Talk June 2021
A new item in the North Sea value chain, with Henk Kombrink
OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021June14 Jun 2021Webinar on Automated top salt interpretation using a deep convolutional net by Oddgeir GramstadOnlineWebinarEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June15‑18 Jun 2021IOSC on 3D Printing as an Emerging Technology in Geosciences by Prof. Dr Franciszek Hasiuk and Dr Sergey Ishutov
IOSC on 3D Printing Geological Models For Education, Research, and Technical Communication - 3D Printing as an Emerging Technology in Geosciences by Prof. Dr Franciszek Hasiuk and Dr Sergey Ishutov
OnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June22‑23 Jun 2021GEODAYSOnlineConference & ExhibitionAssociated Societygeothermal energyOnlineonline-true
2021June22‑24 Jun 2021IOSC on Rock Physics for Quantitative Seismic Reservoir Characterization by Prof. Tapan MukerjiOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June22‑25 Jun 2021IOSC on Deepwater Reservoirs: Exploration and Production Concepts by Prof. Dorrik Stow
IOSC on Deepwater Reservoirs Exploration and Production Concepts by Prof Dorrik Stow
OnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June23 Jun 2021Webinar on Seismic Applications For Mining Using Passive Sources by Deyan DraganovOnlineWebinarEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June29 Jun – 2 Jul 2021IOSC on Introduction to Waterflood Management by Mr Ibrahim SaadOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021June30 Jun 20212021 Annual General Meeting for Members (AGMM)OnlineMeetingEAGEeage annual general meeting for members agmmOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021July2 Jul 2021Webinar on Permits Foundation: how we advocate for dual careers in a changing global mobility landscape by Gill GordonOnlineWebinarEAGEdlp distinguished lecturer programme eageOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021July4‑9 Jul 2021Goldschmidt 2021OnlineConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietygeochemistryOnlineonline-true
2021July7‑9 Jul 2021IOSC (EET) on Seismic Multiple Removal Techniques: Past, Present and Future by Dr Eric VerschuurOnlineEducation Tour (EET)EAGEeage education tour eetOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021July13‑14 Jul 2021IOSC on Machine Learning in Geosciences by Gerard SchusterOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021July15 Jul 2021EAGE Local Chapter AberdeenOnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021July15‑16 Jul 2021IOSC on Introduction to Heavy Oil: Genesis, Properties, Distribution, Recovery Technologies and Upgrading by Dr Ali ShafieiOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021July22‑23 Jul 2021IOSC on Near-Surface Geoscience by Dr Andreas LaakeOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021July22‑23 Jul 2021IOSC on Subsurface Utility Engineering Detection & Mapping of Subsurface Utilities by Dr Sanjay RanaOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021July27‑28 Jul 2021IOSC on Seismic Acquisition Project Essentials: from Concept to Completion and Beyond by Jan de BruinOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course in houseOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021July27‑29 Jul 2021First EAGE Guyana-Suriname Basin Conference
Discoveries and Opportunities to Harness the Potential of a New Oil Patch
Georgetown, Guyana / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage workshop on guyana basins advances analogues applications biodegradation burial challenges commerciality conjugate cretaceous distribution drilling environmental facilities fairways geohazards geology governmental guinea gulf guyanese hinterland impacts intro lessons management margins migration mitigation offshore overviewing pathways petroleum potential prospectivity regulations reservoir rocks sand sediment seismic source subsurface synthesis systems talks uncertainties waterGuyanaLatin Americaeage-trueonline-true
2021August3‑4 Aug 2021IOSC on Integrated Seismic Acquisition and Processing by Mr Jack BouskaOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021August4‑6 Aug 2021Data Science in Oil and Gas 2021Novosibirsk, Russia / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage conference on data science in oil and gas russiaRussiaRussia & CISeage-trueonline-true
2021August5‑6 Aug 2021IOSC on Cloud Basics for Geosciences by Guy HolmesOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021August10‑13 Aug 2021IOSC on Rock Physics and Computational Geophysics by Dr José M. CarcioneOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021August19‑20 Aug 2021First EAGE Workshop on Geothermal Energy in Latin AmericaGuanacaste, Costa Rica / OnlineWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on geothermal energy in latin americaCosta RicaLatin Americaeage-trueonline-true
2021August24‑25 Aug 2021First EAGE Workshop on Faults in Groundwater, CO2 and Hydrocarbons in Asia PacificOnlineWorkshopEAGEaquitard aquitards core differences environments fault fracture geomechanics legislated matrix seal seals studies zonesCanberra & Onlineeage-trueonline-true
2021August26‑27 Aug 2021IOSC on New Tools and Approaches in Reservoir Quality Prediction by Dr Dave L. CantrellOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021August29 Aug – 2 Sep 2021Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2021Bordeaux, FranceConference & ExhibitionEAGEnear surface eage near surface conference and exhibition advances agricultural agriculture airborne alpines anthropogenic applications bim biogeophysics bridges cavities characterisation characterization climate co2 coastal dams das digital drilling embankment emerging environmental exploration expressing fiber flux forestry fusion geographic geohazard geophysical geophysics geotechnics geothermal groundwater hazard hazards heritage hydrogeophysical hydrogeophysics imaging infrastructure infrastructures instrumentation instrumented intelligence interactions interfaces inversion investigations landslides levees localisation logging measurements methods mineral mining modelling monitoring ndt nearshore networks objects observatories optics parameters permafrost physics pipelines polars pollution processes railroads recharge regions remediation resources roads rock runways satellite sensors shallow showcasing sites soil spots standards storage studies subsurface systems technologies trends tunnels uav uncertainties upscaling utilities uxo visualisation visualisations volcanoes water zonesFranceEuropeeage-true
2021September6‑7 Sep 2021EAGE Workshop on Computational Sciences for New Energy and Oil RecoveryOnlineWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on computational sciences for new energy and oil recoveryOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021September6‑8 Sep 2021Fifth EAGE Workshop on High Performance Computing for Upstream
Heterogeneous HPC: Challenges, Current and Future Trends
OnlineWorkshopEAGEeage high performance computing workshop analytics applications architectures convergence digital electromagnetic elements emerging exascale fabrics geophysical histories hpc hpcc imaging inversion iot languages modeling models neuromorphic optimization overlapping physics programming quantum remote reservoir rock seismic simulation solutions stacks studies systems technologies upstream volumesOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021September6‑10 Sep 2021Geomodel 2021
23th conference on oil and gas geological exploration and development
Gelendzhik, Russia / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage geomodel conferenceRussiaRussia & CISeage-trueonline-true
2021September8‑10 Sep 2021IOSC on Land Seismic Survey Design by Mr Paul Ras
IOSC on Land Seismic Survey Design by Paul Ras
OnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021September8‑10 Sep 2021Second EAGE Conference on Pre-Salt ReservoirRio de Janeiro, Brazil / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage workshop on pre salt reservoirs in latin america 1000 acceleration characterization days digital exploration frontiers integration pathways permeability production recovery reservoir resources rock salt scales seismic stepsBrazilLatin Americaeage-trueonline-true
2021September9 Sep 2021Geothermal Energy - 'New Opportunities for the Middle East'OnlineWebinarEAGEOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021September10‑11 Sep 2021ISZA 2021 - The Meeting of Young GeoscientistsZalakaros, HungaryMeetingAssociated SocietyHungaryEurope
2021September12‑17 Sep 2021IMOG 2021
30th International Meeting on Organic Geochemistry
OnlineConference & ExhibitionEAGEeaog imog international meeting on organic geochemistryOnlineeage-trueonline-truejoint-true
2021September12‑17 Sep 2021Third EAGE Geochemistry WorkshopOnlineWorkshopEAGEeage petroleum geochemistry workshop changes co2 compartmentalization degradation fluid formation geofluids h2s indicators injection interactions maturity migration permeability porosity procedures proximity recovery rock salinity scaling source thermal water wettabilityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021September13‑16 Sep 2021IOSC on Mitigating Bias, Blindness and Illusion in E&P Decision Making by Mr Marc BondOnlineShort CourseEAGEeage short course standalone publicOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021September14‑15 Sep 2021Asia Energy Forum - The Role of Geoscience Through the Energy TransitionOnlineMeetingEAGEasia energy forum seriesOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021September14‑17 Sep 2021Education Days Moscow 2021: IOSC5 Unconventional seismic imaging and seismic inversionOnlineEducation DaysEAGEeage education daysOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021September15‑20 Sep 2021Australasian Exploration Geoscience ConferenceBrisbane, AustraliaConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyAustraliaAsia Pacific
2021September20‑23 Sep 2021Education Days Moscow 2021: IOSC4 An Introduction to Migration, Velocity Model Building, and Full Waveform Inversion.OnlineEducation DaysEAGEeage education daysOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021September21‑22 Sep 2021IOSC on Geological History of CO2: Carbon Cycle and Natural Sequestration of CO2 by Dr Alain-Yves HucOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021September22 Sep 2021EAGE Local Chapter Aberdeen Technical Talks September 2021OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021September23‑24 Sep 2021IOSC on Integrated Geological Models for Assessing Uncertainties in Production Data by Prof. Dr Dominique Guérillot
IOSC on Integrated Geological Models for Assessing Uncertainties in Production Data by Prof. Dr Dominique Guérillotf
OnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021September27‑28 Sep 2021IOSC (EET) on Beyond Conventional Seismic Imaging by Prof. Evgeny LandaOnlineEducation Tour (EET)EAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021September27‑29 Sep 2021Fourth EAGE Borehole Geology Workshop
From Borehole to Reservoir: Technology, Innovation, Applications & Inter-disciplinary Integration
OnlineWorkshopEAGEeage borehole geology workshop acquisition applications core digital dynamics environmental geomechanics geothermal innovations integration management mineral mining monitoring petrophysics reservoir rock scale technologies wellsOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021September29‑30 Sep 2021IOSC on 3D Modeling of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs by Dr Tim WynnOnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021September30 Sep 2021Local Chapter London: Technical Talk September 2021
Integrated Geophysics and Machine Learning for Risk Mitigation in Exploration Geosciences, with Paolo Dell'Aversana
OnlineMeetingEAGE CommunityOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021October4‑7 Oct 202114th Middle East Geosciences Conference & Exhibition (GEO2020)Manama, BahrainConference & ExhibitionAssociated Societymiddle east geosciences conference and exhibition geoBahrainMiddle Eaststudent-truejoint-true
2021October5‑7 Oct 2021Sakhalin 2021 Far East Hydrocarbons WorkshopYuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia / OnlineWorkshopEAGEeage far east hydrocarbons workshopRussiaRussia & CISeage-trueonline-true
2021October7‑8 Oct 2021IOSC (EET) on Seismic Reservoir Characterization: An Earth Modeling Perspective by Dr Philippe DoyenOnlineEducation Tour (EET)EAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021October10‑14 Oct 2021BGS Congress 2021Bucharest, RomaniaConference & ExhibitionAssociated Societynear surfaceRomaniaEurope
2021October11‑12 Oct 2021EAGE Conference on Seismic Interpretation using AI Methods - Going Beyond Machine LearningOnlineConferenceEAGEOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021October11‑15 Oct 2021Education Days Moscow 2021: IOSC1 Sedimentology of shallow and deep-water terrigenous systemsOnlineEducation DaysEAGEeage education daysOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021October18 Oct 2021Third Young Professionals SummitAmsterdam, NetherlandsMeetingEAGEeage young professionals summitNetherlandsEuropeeage-true
2021October18‑21 Oct 202114th SEGJ International Symposium
Road ahead for geophysics in digital society: Acquisition, processing, and interpretation
OnlineConferenceAssociated SocietyOnlineonline-true
2021October18‑21 Oct 202182nd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
Delivering for the ENERGY CHALLENGE: today and tomorrow
Amsterdam, NetherlandsConference & ExhibitionEAGEeage annual conference and exhibition achievements acoustic acquisition analytics anisotropy applications appraisal attenuation attributes avo basalt benchmarks borehole cancelled carbon carbonate carbonates challenges changers characterisation characterization civil clastics co2 compartmentalization concepts core coring cosmetics css decarbonization decisions depositional diagenesis diffraction digitalization donotuse drill elastic electromagnetics emissions enabler enthalpy environment environmental eor europe evaporites exploration fault fields flooding formation fractured fwi geochemistry geochronology geological geology geomechanics geometries geomodels geophysical geophysics geosciences geothermal gravity hcs hse hydrocarbons imaging induced innovations integrated intelligence interferometry interpretation inversion logging lwd magnetics management mechanical methodologies methods mineral mining modelling models noise operations overs petroleum petrophysics physics polymers pore porous potential processes production prospect purposes putting quantification recovery remote reservoir reservoirs resolution resources risk risks rock rocks salinity salt scale seal seismic seismicity shallow simulation simultaneous solutions source speakers static stochastic storage strategies stratigraphic stratigraphy structural studies subsurface surveillance sustainability sustainable systems techniques thermo uncertainties uncertainty unconventional upscaling velocities velocity visualisation water wavefield waveform well wireline workflowsNetherlandsEuropeeage-trueeducation-truestudent-true
2021October24‑27 Oct 2021World Geothermal Congress 2020+1
Reykjavik, IcelandConferenceNon-EAGE Eventgeothermal energyIcelandEurope
2021October25‑27 Oct 2021Third EAGE Conference on Offshore Exploration and Development in MexicoMerida, MexicoWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on deepwater exploration in mexicoMexicoLatin Americaeage-true
2021October25‑29 Oct 2021Education Days Moscow 2021: IOSC7 Deepwater Sedimentary Systems by Prof. Dorrik StowOnlineEducation DaysEAGEeage education daysOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021November1‑3 Nov 2021ProGREss'21
Exploration as a business
Sochi, Russia / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage progress workshop russia appraisal areas autonomy cases competencies crisis decisions digital directions drilling experiences exploration fieldwork formats geological integrated issues management optimization optimum pioneers practices production projects regions reserves seismic systems technologies zonesRussiaRussia & CISeage-trueonline-true
2021November1‑5 Nov 202127e Réunion des Sciences de la TerreLyon, FranceConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyFranceEurope
2021November2‑4 Nov 20213rd EAGE/SPE Geosteering WorkshopOnlineWorkshopEAGEeage geosteering workshop advancement analytics applications discussions geosteering integrated integration methods modelling placement possibilities practices reservoir resources strategies studies technologies types well workflowsOnlineeage-trueonline-truejoint-true
2021November3‑5 Nov 2021First EAGE Conference on Near Surface in Latin AmericaBogotá, Colombia / OnlineConferenceEAGEnear surface eage workshop on near surface in latin americaColombiaLatin Americaeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021November8‑10 Nov 2021Third HGS/EAGE Conference on Latin AmericaHouston, United States / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage hgs conference on latin america america applications capture carbon characterization conventional environmental exploration geology geophysical geophysics imaging methods ore petroleum petrophysics reservoir resources seismic storage sustainability techniques uncertainty unconventionalUnited StatesNorth Americaeage-trueonline-truejoint-true
2021November9‑11 Nov 2021Sixth EAGE Borehole Geophysics Workshop
Maximising Data Value during the Energy Transition
Dubai, United Arab Emirates / OnlineWorkshopEAGEeage borehole geophysics workshop acquisition advances applications borehole calibration ccs das downhole drilling dss dts geophysics geothermal imaging integration inversion microseismic monitoring physics scale seismic sensors sonic sources studies sustainable ugs waveformUnited Arab EmiratesMiddle Easteage-trueonline-true
2021November9‑11 Nov 2021Fifth AAPG/EAGE Myanmar Oil & Gas ConferenceYangon, MyanmarConferenceEAGEmyanmar oil and gas conferenceMyanmarAsia Pacificeage-true
2021November9‑12 Nov 2021IOSC on Construction of Fractured Reservoir Models for Flow Simulation Incorporating Geology, Geophysics, and Geomechanics by Reinaldo Michelena, Chris Zahm, James Gilman
IOSC on Construction of fractured reservoir models for flow simulation incorporating geology, geophysics, and geomechanics by Reinaldo Michelena, Chris Zahm, James Gilman
OnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021November11 Nov 20217th Global District Energy Climate Awards Ceremony
Deadline to apply - 30 June 2021
Bangkok, ThailandMeetingAssociated SocietyThailandAsia Pacific
2021November11‑12 Nov 2021IOSC on The Benefit of Broadband Technology for Reservoir Characterization and Imaging – the End-User Value by Dr Cyrille Reiser
IOSC on The Benefit of Broadband Technology for Reservoir Characterization and Imaging – the End-User Value by Dr Cyrille
OnlineShort CourseEAGEOnlineeage-trueeducation-truestudent-trueonline-true
2021November14‑16 Nov 2021Second EAGE Workshop on Unmanned Aerial VehiclesOnlineWorkshopEAGEeage unmanned aerial vehicle workshop aerial applications aviation civil emerging european hsse modelling regulations remote systems techniques technologies uav unmannedEuropeeage-trueonline-true
2021November15‑17 Nov 2021First EAGE Workshop on East Canada Offshore ExplorationSt. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada / OnlineWorkshopEAGEeage workshop on newfoundland and labrador advances arctic atlantic challenges chances characterization concepts drill emerging environments exploration geographical geological geophysical imaging interpretations labrador logistical metocean petroleum plays potential production prospectivity proven provinces risks seismic solutions speeding waterCanadaNorth Americaeage-trueonline-true
2021November23‑24 Nov 2021AAPG/EAGE Joint Workshop on High CO2, High Contaminant Challenging Fields and Alternative Energy - Impact and MonetizationOnlineWorkshopEAGEeage aapg workshop on contaminant challenging fields and alternative energyOnlineeage-trueonline-truejoint-true
2021November23‑25 Nov 2021PETEX 2021London, United KingdomConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyUnited KingdomEurope
2021November23‑25 Nov 20212nd Geoscience & Engineering in Energy Transition ConferenceStrasbourg, France / OnlineConferenceEAGEeage geoscience in energy transition conference 100 acceptance acquisition applications approaches aquifer barriers beds benefits borehole caprock carbon cavern caverns ccs characterization co2 compressed considerations containment corrosion depleted depletion diagenetic differences drawbacks drilling dynamics economy ecosystem environment eor equipments europe european examples expertises exploration fluid geochemical geographical geohazard geological geomechanics geophysics geosciences geotechnics geothermal hybrid hydrogen improvements injection integration lessons license management mapping materials metals mineral mineralogical mining mitigation modeling monitoring nuclear offs offshore overlaps pilots platforms pore practices predictions processes projects regulartory regulatory remidiation renewables reservoir reservoirs resolution resources risk risks salt scale scaling seal seismic services shift sites skills solutions sources storage strategies subsurface sustainability sustainable systems techniques technologies thermal tools trends upskill uses visualisation wells yearsFranceEuropeeage-trueonline-true
2021November23‑26 Nov 2021EAGE/Aqua Foundation Second Indian Near Surface Geophysics Conference & ExhibitionOnlineConferenceEAGEeage indian near surface geophysics conference and exhibitionOnlineeage-trueonline-true
2021November25‑26 Nov 2021Education Days Moscow 2021: IOSC6 Rock Physics, Geomechanics and Hazard of Fluid-Induced SeismicityOnlineEducation DaysEAGEeage education daysOnlineeage-trueeducation-trueonline-true
2021November30 Nov – 2 Dec 2021Der Geothermie Kongress 2021Bochum, GermanyConference & ExhibitionAssociated SocietyGermanyEurope
2021November30 Nov – 2 Dec 20214th Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience & EngineeringHo Chi Minh City, VietnamConferenceEAGEasia pacific meeting on near surface geoscience and engineering areas causes delta deltaic impacts kong methods monitoring offshore plains prediction renewable resources subsidenceVietnamAsia Pacificeage-true
2021December1‑2 Dec 2021First EAGE Rock Physics Workshop in Latin AmericaBuenos Aires, Argentina / OnlineWorkshopEAGEapplications carbonates characterization digital elastic geomechanics integration lab modelling physics properties reservoir reservoirs rock scaling seismic shales simulations unconventionalArgentinaLatin Americaeage-trueonline-true
2021December1‑3 Dec 2021Third EAGE Eastern Mediterranean WorkshopLarnaca, CyprusWorkshopEAGEeage eastern mediterranean workshop acquisition designs exploration geology imaging inversion mediterranean offshore onshore plays potential salt seismic solutions studies subsurface waveformCyprusEuropeeage-true
2021December3 Dec 2021EAGE-BVG-FKPE Joint Workshop 2021
Hydro- Thermal- Mechanical Modelling (THM) and Ground Truth
Bochum, GermanyWorkshopAssociated SocietyGermanyEuropejoint-true
2021December7‑9 Dec 2021SEG/EAGE Workshop on Exploring and Developing Stratigraphic TrapsKuala Lumpur, MalaysiaWorkshopEAGEMalaysiaAsia Pacificeage-true
2022February1‑3 Feb 2022Second EAGE Digitalization Conference and Exhibition
Leadership, Technology and Business of Tomorrow
Vienna, AustriaConference & ExhibitionEAGEdigitalization eage digitalization conference and exhibitionAustriaEuropeeage-true
2022March2‑4 Mar 20222nd EAGE/SEG Workshop on Geophysical Aspects of Smart CitiesHong KongWorkshopEAGEHong KongAsia Pacificeage-true
2022March14‑16 Mar 2022MEDiNA Technical Conference and ExhibitionTunis, TunisiaConference & ExhibitionEAGETunisiaAfricaeage-true
2022April11‑14 Apr 2022Saint Petersburg 2022Saint Petersburg, RussiaConference & ExhibitionEAGEeage saint petersburg regional conference and exhibition acquisition arctic areas avo basins core depleted deviated drilling environment eor exploration fault features fields fluid formation frac fractured frontiers geohazard geological geology geomechanical geomechanics geophysical geophysics geotechnical htr hydrocarbon hydrocarbons imaging interpretation inversion methods microseismics modelling monitoring nonseismic onshore physics potential processes production prospects reevaluation regions reserves reservoir resources risk rock seal sedimentary seismic shelf simultaneous solutions studies systems technologies uncertainty unconventional watercut well wellsRussiaRussia & CISeage-true
2021May30 May – 4 Jun 2021Joint Workshop Meeting APSLIM II and 19IWSA 2021
Active and Passive Seismics in Laterally Inhomogeneous Media, and 19th International Workshop on Seismic Anisotropy
Želiv, CzechiaWorkshopNon-EAGE EventCzechiaEurope
2022June5‑9 Jun 202283rd EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition
Leading a New Era in Geosciences
Madrid, SpainConference & ExhibitionEAGEeage annual conference and exhibition acquisition analytics anisotropy attenuation attributes avo basalt borehole carbonates challenges characterization civil clastics co2 compartmentalization core coring css depositional diagenesis diffraction digitalization environmental evaporites exploration fault fields formation fractured fwi geochemistry geochronology geology geomechanics geometries geomodels geophysical geophysics geothermal hcs hse imaging integrated interferometry interpretation inversion logging lwd management mechanical methods mineral mining modelling models noise operations overs petroleum petrophysics physics pore potential production prospect purposes recovery remote reservoir reservoirs resolution risk rock rocks salt seal seismic shallow simulation simultaneous source static storage stratigraphy structural studies subsurface sustainability sustainable systems thermo uncertainty unconventional upscaling velocities velocity wavefield waveform well wirelineSpainEuropeeage-trueeducation-truestudent-true
2022August22‑24 Aug 2022Third EAGE Marine Acquisition WorkshopOslo, NorwayWorkshopEAGENorwayEuropeeage-true
2022September5‑8 Sep 2022ECMOR 2022ConferenceEAGEeage-true
2022September5‑9 Sep 2022Fifth EAGE Conference on Petroleum GeostatisticsPorto, PortugalConferenceEAGEeage petroleum geostatistics conference analytics bayesian faults fracture gaussian geomechanical geophysical geostatistical geostatistics gridded gridless integration inversion kriging modelling monitoring multidata multipoint multivariate physics probabilistic processes quantification reserve reservoir rock seismic spatial uncertainty upscalingPortugalEuropeeage-true
2022September26‑28 Sep 2022Sixth International Conference on Fault and Top SealsVienna, AustriaConferenceEAGEeage fault and top seals conference carbonates co2 disciplines fault fluid geological geomechanical geophysical hydrodynamic identification integrated investigations leakage lessons methods modelling nuclear pore prediction production properties reservoirs scale scales seal sealing seals static storage studies unconventional wellAustriaEuropeeage-true