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Third EAGE Middle East Boot Camp 2017 - Imaging a Foreland Basin

7 - 14 November
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
Call for papers

What is it?

The Middle East Boot Camp aims to expose participants to industry-grade geophysical operations, which involves reflecting on seismic acquisition and processing. Over a week participants will experience full immersion into a range of on-site geological and geophysical operations working in real field conditions. The activities will include:
- Deployment of receivers to the field
- Acquisition including gravity
- Geologic Field Trip
- Part of the receivers removed from field

Who should attend?

The Middle East Boot Camp is a great opportunity for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students who have never been in the field and had the chance to experience actual working conditions before. It enables students to bring theory into practice together with young industry professionals who will become their colleagues in the near future.

Young professionals with only a few years of experience on the job will be able to bring their theory into practice and learn how to lead teams in the field under lecturers’ supervision. They will meet other young professionals from different companies. This brings networking, knowledge and information sharing opportunities.

You want to participate?

Applications will close 7 October.
Young Professionals have an opportunity to take part through the various sponsorship packages made available for their representative companies to endorse and encourage their talents.

Please contact the Middle East office for more information.

Please note that your flight and transportation to the Boot Camp venue are not covered by EAGE.

All expenses on site will be covered by EAGE.