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Word of welcome by the Near Surface Geoscience Local Advisory Committee

We warmly welcome you to Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain. Located in the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea North East of Spain the city has a remarkable geological environment that will be an excellent frame for the three joint meetings. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, a Spanish region with its own culture and language. Barcelona is one of the preferred cities of Europe for congresses and tourism thanks to its nice Mediterranean weather, modern art and architecture and excellent transport, housing and food facilities. It is located at 50 km from the Costa Brava and 100 km from the Pyrenees for you to explore before or after the meeting.

The 2016 Near Surface Geoscience Conference will take place in Barcelona from 4-8 September 2016. As has been the model in the latest preceding conferences the 2016 NSG Conference will host the “22nd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics” and two parallel events: the “First Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining” and the Second Applied Shallow Marine Geophysics Conference”. This will be a four-day vibrant and intensive scientific conference with many learning opportunities in every current aspect of Near Surface Geosciences. Workshops, Plenary talks, Oral and Poster presentations and Field Trips will be organized were experts from government, industry, consultancy and academia will share experiences and discuss opportunities from current viewpoints to future needs.

The 22nd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics will be held again in Barcelona 18 years after the first conference was held in in the city. For those that attended the meeting in 1998 will be also an opportunity for remembering the experiences of the past meeting and for those that have no yet been to Barcelona this is this is an opportunity not be missed.

The meeting will be an opportunity for a wide community of geoscientists (geophysicists, geologists, hydro-geologists and engineers) to share technical and scientific issues on developments of shallow applied geophysics. The scientific programme will focus on the advance and integration of shallow geophysical methods for elucidating the geometry of subsurface structures and prevent associated problems. Special sessions will be devoted to geophysical methods applied to archaeological prospecting, assessment of industrial and mineral deposits, carbon capture and storage, environmental and geohazard studies, engineering geology and geotechnical investigations, high resolution engineering seismic studies, hydrogeophysics and geothermal resources, among others.

Albert Casas
Chairman of the Local Advisory Committee, Near Surface Geoscience 2015

Word of welcome by the Near Surface Geoscience Division

As incoming Chair of the Near Surface Geoscience Division I cordially invite you to attend the 22nd meeting of our Division, to be held in Barcelona in September 2016.

Much has changed in our science and in our profession since the meeting was last held in the ‘Head and Heart of Catalonia’, the impressive cultural centre and major tourist destination that is Barcelona. Eighteen years ago in 1998, the 4th Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics was a focal point for a small but rapidly growing community of researchers and professionals with a keen interest in near-surface geophysics and its wide range of applications. Organising the event under the auspices of the then ‘EEGS-European Section’, the forerunner organisation of the EAGE Near-Surface Geoscience Division, relied on the motivation and firm conviction of a few enthusiasts and the goodwill of many volunteers. Fast-forward to 2016, and a new generation of geophysicists returns to Barcelona as a strong, well-established and forward-looking Division of EAGE, having attracted more than 3300 affiliated members and contributing measurably to the overall success of our Association. In particular, it is most satisfying to see the Near Surface Geoscience meeting going from strength to strength in its modern format – as we are now able to incorporate an even wider range of subjects and professional interests under the Near Surface Geoscience umbrella.

Likewise, the city of Barcelona and region of Catalonia have also undergone transformative changes over the last two decades, resulting in the metropolitan area becoming one of the most economically powerful regions in the European Union. The infrastructure investments associated with the 1992 Olympic Games are generally recognised to have improved the quality of life and attractiveness of the city for business and tourism so significantly, that Barcelona is now one of the most visited cities in Europe. Barcelona is leading the way in a range of areas, including its ambition of attaining ‘Smart City’ status, based on the pervasive use of information and communication technologies to provide more efficient management of the city's services and resources. I am sure that you will be as keen as I am to come back and discover for yourselves the inspiring effect that such change is having on what has always been a place of rich history, diverse arts and culture and magnificent architecture.

Of course we are committed to making each Near Surface Geoscience meeting even more special than its predecessors – and this year is no exception. Refreshed formats for technical sessions and workshops along with other innovations will make being a delegate (and indeed a contributor) of Near Surface Geoscience 2016 an enjoyable, fruitful, and hence unmissable experience. The 22nd Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics aims to showcase the state of the art in geophysical methodology, highlight the latest innovation in theory, algorithm development, data processing, modelling and interpretation, and chart out the road ahead for the future of our science. Our commercial exhibitors will present the latest achievements in geophysical equipment, technology and services.

On behalf of the Near Surface Geoscience Division, the Division Committee and EAGE Business Office staff, I look forward to welcoming you to Barcelona in 2016. I do hope that you will join us and take the opportunity to share the results of your studies, to learn something new, to network and debate with colleagues, to meet old friends and indeed to make new ones.

Oliver Kuras




Oliver Kuras
Incoming Chair, Near Surface Geoscience Division

Word of welcome by the EAGE Board

Time and again, the EAGE Near-Surface Geophysics Division continues its role as a trusted world leader in fostering premier events that address matters pertaining to the shallow subsurface of the Earth. The compass is aimed at Barcelona this time where the world-renowned annual near-surface event, namely the 22nd edition of the European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, is set to kick off in September 2016.

The Spanish Catalonian capital, Barcelona, is indeed an ideal venue for the event. Not only does it offer an assortment of attractions that would satisfy every taste, but also, and most notably, the city houses ancient monuments that would certainly entice near-surface gurus. Specifically, this touristic city possesses a rich cultural heritage ranging from archeological sites from the Roman times to the more recent, renowned architectural works of Gaudi and Montaner from the 19th Century. Delegates attending the meeting might want to take advantage of this and indulge a bit in Barcelona’s culture-rich environment.

The meeting itself promises to be a worthwhile event, with something for everyone attending. I am confident that you will find the technical program rich and educational as it covers a wide spectrum of technical and scientific topics related to the environment, archeology and shallow-subsurface engineering. As always, the exhibit is expected to be vibrant and stimulating, providing companies the opportunity to showcase their technologies, and allowing professionals time to reconnect with old, or even make new, friends. Also in conjunction with the meeting, a number of courses and field trips will be on offer adding yet extra enhancements to the event; take as much advantage of them while there as you can.

On behalf of EAGE, it gives me great pleasure to welcome all delegates to the 22nd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics in Barcelona.

Mohammed Alfaraj




Dr. Mohammed Alfaraj
EAGE President 2015 - 2016