Topics for the 23rd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
01 Integrated Approaches in Near-surface Geophysics
02 Geophysics for Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Investigations
03 Geophysics in 3D Geological Modelling
04 Quick Clay and Landslide Hazard
05 Hydrogeophysics
06 Reservoir Characterization with Near-surface Methods
07 Monitoring and Characterization of the Shallow Subsurface
08 Geoelectrics (ERT, TDIP, SIP, SP) and Electromagnetics (TEM and FEM) - Instrumentation, Theory and Applications
09 Magnetic Resonance Sounding (MRS) - Instrumentation, Theory and Applications
10 Ground Penetrating Radar
11 High-resolution Engineering Seismic Studies
12 Shallow Marine Geophysics
13 Modelling and Inversion in Near-surface Geophysics
14 Cryosphere and Arctic Geophysics
15 Archaeogeophysics
16 Mining and Mineral Exploration Geophysics