Asia Petroleum and Geoscience Conference & Exhibition (APGCE 2017)

20 - 21 November
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for papers

Special Sessions featuring Technical Gurus

South East Asia is a complex area and its tectonic evolution and related tectonic models continue to be strongly debated. What are the recent perspectives and thoughts around the subject matter? Where are the agreements and disagreements? What needs to be done to resolve these impending matters and is the responsibility with the petroleum industry or academia?


Join us for an in-depth discussion at the Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference and Exhibition (APGCE) from 20 – 21 November 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to hear from the distinguished industry experts at this highly anticipated Special Session on Geology - South East Asia Basins featuring:


Paul Tapponnier


Professor Paul Tapponnier, Tectonics Group Leader, Earth Observatory of Singapore, Singapore. He is one of the foremost scientists of his generation in neotectonics. His research provided a consistent model of large-scale crustal deformation processes between the Himalayas and Baykal, all the way to the East China Sea. The model was subsequently extended to include most of Southeast Asia, based on innovative analog experiments. Prof. Tapponnier pioneered the use of satellite imagery to study large-scale tectonics, which set the standard for modern methods of tectonic research.




Robert Hall



Professor Robert Hall, Professor and Director of SE Asia Group, Royal Holloway University of London, United Kingdom. Prof. Hall performs field-based research into geology of SE Asia and the western Pacific; island arc origin and evolution; plate tectonic reconstructions; seismic tomography, mantle processes and tectonics of the region; tropical sedimentation and links to provenance, climate and tectonics; implications of plate tectonics for the biogeography of SE Asia.



Ian Longley





Ian Longley, Geologist/Director, GIS-pax Ltd., Australia. Ian has worked 30 years internationally as a Petroleum Geologist. He has held executive positions at Oil Search and Woodside and his international career includes stints with Shell and Lasmo. Ian is an Exploration Specialist with proven play analyst experience across many basins worldwide.


Together, they represent a broad range of alternative views on tectonic models/regional understanding and address the differing industry-academic perspective. Aiming to deliver on the conference theme of “Collaborative Solutions. Sharing Success”, the session will consist of keynote presentations followed by a moderated panel discussion to highlight the agreements, disagreements and to consider ways forward. This lively and interactive session is surely not-to-be-missed!


Adding to the list of esteemed gurus are Pore Pressure Prediction and Seismic Monitoring Systems experts:


Richard Swarbrick

Professor Richard Swarbrick, Consultant, Swarbrick GeoPressure Consultancy Ltd. and Honorary Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, United Kingdom. Prof. Swarbrick is a world-renowned expert in subsurface pressures and currently an independent bespoke consultant and trainer, primarily for the oil and gas industry, specialising in sub-surface pressures, whilst retaining research and teaching interests at Durham University. He is active in promoting the understanding of subsurface issues through media appearances and is well known through his publications, standard petroleum exploration books and global scale studies giving him a worldwide profile.



Don Lawton




Professor Don Lawton, ‎Director, Containment and Monitoring Institute at Carbon Management, University of Calgary, Canada. Prof. Lawton’s research interests include acquisition, processing and interpretation of multi-component and conventional seismic data and near surface geophysical studies for environmental applications and for reflection static corrections as well as geological storage of CO2.


Both subject matter experts are scheduled to deliver special keynote addresses at technical sessions that will surely raise the significance of the conference!


Other Special Sessions that are planned for the two-day conference, would focus on the topics of Geophysics and Borehole Technology contracting industries to discuss the game changing technologies they bring to the table to resolve current Geoscience issues and challenges within South East Asia.