Asia Petroleum and Geoscience Conference & Exhibition (APGCE 2017)

20 - 21 November
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for papers

Topic Number

Topic Name

01 SE Asia Geology and Petroleum Potential
02 Regional Tectonics of Asia
03 Basins of South East Asia
04 Advances in Understanding Unconformities in Asian Basins
05 Geoscience Developments Worldwide Impacting Asia
06 Advances in Geophysics
07 Seismic Acquisition
08 Seismic Processing and Imaging
09 Quantitative Interpretation
10 Velocity Model Building (Imaging and Depth Conversion)
11 4D Timelapse Seismic
12 Full Waveform Inversion
13 Rock Physics and Seismic Attributes
14 Reservoir Monitoring (including Smart Fields)
15 Reservoir Characterization and Modelling
16 Advances in Geology
17 Advances in Formation Evaluation and Integration
18 Play Based Exploration
19 Modelling Sedimentary Systems
20 Integrated Geoscience Applications
21 Reservoir Systems
21.1 Carbonate
21.2 Clastics
22 New Play Concepts
23 Challenges and Opportunities in Unconventional Resources
24 Frontier Exploration
25 New Ideas and Opportunities in Mature Basin
26 Deepwater Petroleum Systems
27 Pore Pressure Prediction & Geoscience to Plan, Execute Safe and Cost Effective Wells
28 Fractured Plays
29 Stratigraphic Techniques and Tools
29.1 Sequence Stratigraphy
29.2 Biostratigraphy
29.3 Chemostratigraphy
30 Structural Geology and Traps
31 Petroleum System and Basin Modelling
32 Source Rock and Geochemistry
33 Challenges and Opportunities in IOR and EOR Applications
34 Risk and Uncertainty Management in Exploration
35 Small Fields Development and Monetisation
36 CO2 Prediction and Management
37 Technology Developments in Geoscience
38 Resource Evaluation and Assessment
39 Deep and Machine Learning in Geoscience
40 Distributed Sensing (Acoustics, Thermal, Pressure)