EAGE Workshop on Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Characterisation

16 - 17 November
Perth, Australia
Call for papers

Workshop Overview

Seismic inversion has become an indispensable and widely used technology in the exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons. In an inverted dataset amplitudes can be linked to internal rock properties, such as lithology type, porosity or rock fluid type (brine or hydrocarbons). Inverted data are ideal for stratigraphic interpretation and reservoir characterisation.


Seismic inversion data are quite attractive for guiding the mapping of properties like facies distribution or porosity in reservoir modelling. Improving inversion data through broadband processing has seen significant advances in recent years. With the additional amount of data inherent in broadband seismic amplitudes, practitioners can now characterise their reservoirs with increasing clarity and certainty.


Workshop Objectives

Interactive sessions will cover topics focusing on seismic inversion and applications including (but not limited to) the following specifically related to the Asia Pacific region:


•          Rock Physics

•          Seismic Modelling

•          Data Optimisation for AVO Applications

•          Seismic Inversion (deterministic/geostatistical)

•          Reservoir Characterisation

•          Case Studies


Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for geoscientists and engineers interested in analysis and interpretation of inversion data in active exploration and development settings.