First EAGE/AMGP/AMGE Latin-American Seminar in Unconventional Resources

23 - 24 November
Mexico City, Mexico
Call for papers

We welcome and invite abstracts from both industry and academia addressing the following topics:

  • UnderStanding Geological Risk and Uncertainties on Emerging Tight Oil and Gas Plays
    - Geochemical modeling
    - Quality of reservoir
    - Fracture
    - Petrophysical and characterization
    - Evaluation and estimation of reserves

  • Integrated Model to Identify and Characterize the Sweet Spot
    - Seismic and microseismic
    - Data processing
    - Seismic attributes and investment
    - Physics of rocks
    - Geomechanics

  • Best Practices to Design Well Drilling and Completion
    - Multidisciplinary data integration
    - Well termination design
    - Numerical simulation
    - Design of facilities

  • Key Factors for Investments and social implications
    - Regulatory, environmental and social framework
    - Supply chain
    - Tax regime
    - Potential market
    - Water Resources: Water Management, Utilization, Recycling and Disposal, Groundwater protection