Short Course on Advanced Imaging: 2D and 3D Techniques 

22 November 2017, Abu Dhabi

The short course is supported by The RPS Group   RPS Group

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Short Course Overview

The Advanced Techniques in Borehole Seismic course presented at the workshop will cover the more advanced VSP techniques in use today. This course is designed to give operators enough information to minimize the risk and maximize the value of a borehole seismic survey.

Advanced Imaging: 2D and 3D Techniques
The first session will focus on designing and interpreting walkaway VSP and 3D VSP surveys. Down-hole receivers create the opportunity for higher resolution images than surface seismic can provide, and can provide images in poor seismic imaging areas, or images where surface access is difficult. Advanced processing techniques will be discussed. Specifics of related survey planning and acquisition will be covered.

The second session will focus on extracting VTI and HTI anisotropy parameters from walkaway VSP and 3D VSP surveys. Seismic may be improperly imaged due to poor anisotropy assumptions. Having receivers down-hole and sources at the surface creates an ideal opportunity to measure anisotropy in-situ. Downhole arrays are also ideal for locating multiple generators and measuring Q.

Reservoir Monitoring and Reservoir Properties
The third session focuses on time-lapse 3D VSP, which can observe reservoir changes with a greater precision than is possible with surface seismic. There is an overview of fracture detection and orientation with VSPs. Elastic FWI is being developed to measure the reservoir’s elastic properties, and will be briefly covered. A discussion on very high resolution imaging and tomography with Crosswell seismic finishes the session.

Advanced Acquisition
Technology marches forward as limitations are reached in wireline acquisition. Putting the receivers in the drill string to get real-time VSPs is now common. Using optical fiber receiver arrays enables efficient fit-for-purpose VSP surveys. Seismic While Drilling, and Distributed Acoustic Sensing are two services using wireline alternative downhole technology.

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Important Dates

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Short Course:  22 November 2017





Allan Campbell

Allan started his career in the oil industry after graduating from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta with a diploma in Earth Resources Technology in 1984.

From 1984 to 1986, Allan worked as a cased hole field engineer for Dresser Atlas at well sites all over Western Canada. Lots of perforating, cement bond logging, and production logging in a variety of remote, cold, locations.

Allan completed his education at the University of Calgary in 1990, earning a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Geophysics.

In 1990, Allan started his 25-year career at Schlumberger at the log data processing center in Calgary. Opportunities to expand geophysical skills were endless! Skills were developed in borehole seismic processing starting from basic check-shots up to the most complex 3D VSPs.

In 1997, Schlumberger moved Allan and his family to Houston Texas, to open a new borehole seismic processing center. The center grew rapidly and evolved into a global center of excellence for VSP processing.

In 2002 Allan went offshore to process the first deep-water Gulf of Mexico 3D VSP. A real-time pore pressure prediction technique using walkaway VSPs was developed at this time which required more trips offshore in a highly over-pressured environment.

Allan helped Schlumberger fully develop the company’s 3D VSP processing capabilities. Software was developed and tested, hardware was upgraded and marketing material generated. This culminated in the creation of a 3D VSP processing group inside WesternGeco. Allan managed the new group until 2013 when his focus changed to marketing of 3D VSP processing while still providing technical support to the processing team.

The period from 2010 to 2015 saw the development of new and innovative techniques. The integration borehole seismic data into the processing of surface seismic, to improve the resolution and depth control in seismic images, was finally realized. VSP is now routinely used to detect and characterize fractures, to estimation of the elastic properties of rocks, and to monitor the changes in reservoirs due to both enhanced recovery methods and storage of CO2.

In 2016 formed VSP Consultants LLC.

In March 2017 VSP Consultants formed an alliance with "The RPS Group" to provide worldwide specialist borehole seismic support that includes; project management, customer support, survey design, operations support, processing support, training, sales and marketing.


Les Nutt

Les graduated in 1979 with a Ph.D. in Physics and previously in 1976 with a B.Sc. in Pure and Applied Physics both from the Queens University of Belfast.

Les joined Geophysical Services Inc in Croydon in 1980 moving to Saudi Arabia assigned to the Aramco special projects team. Les had the privilege of working alongside and gaining experience from some of the most respected geophysicists within both GSI and Aramco in areas of land surface seismic acquisition and processing.

In 1981, Les joined Schlumberger Wireline headquarters in Paris as a pioneer in the development of borehole seismic technology. In early 1982 Les transferred to field operations in Indonesia.

In the period 1982 to 2010 Les held many positions in Operations, Sales and Marketing and Engineering within Schlumberger working variously in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, Asia and N America.

In 2010 Les transferred with Schlumberger to WesternGeco to continue the development of Borehole seismic applications in areas of surface seismic integration, reservoir monitoring, seismic while drilling and microseismic fracture monitoring.

During his career Les has served as officer for the SPWLA and the SPE and contributed extensive publications to EAGE, SEG, SPWLA, SPE as well as numerous trade journals. Les is the author of several patents related to downhole technology.

His final assignment with Schlumberger 2012-2014 was a worldwide Borehole Seismic manager responsible for all aspects of Borehole Seismic within Schlumberger.

Les retired from Schlumberger on March 13th 2014.

In 2016 formed VSP Consultants LLC.

In March 2017 VSP Consultants formed an alliance with "The RPS Group" to provide worldwide specialist borehole seismic support that includes; project management, customer support, survey design, operations support, processing support, training, sales and marketing.