Fourth EAGE Exploration Workshop

2 - 4 May
Muscat, Oman
Call for papers

Geology of the Muscat Area* (half day trip) - Wednesday 3 May 2017, starting at 11:30 hrs
PDO will kindly provide the leaders for the Field Trip.

Oman is known worldwide in the scientific community for its spectacular geology. Some of the key geological units in the stratigraphy of Oman are exposed in the Muscat area, and we won’t have to travel very far to visit some excellent outcrops. These include the Permo-Triassic basement, the Oman ophiolite, and the clastic to carbonate Paleogene sequence. The Permo-Triassic sequence is a deeper water, deformed equivalent to the Khuff reservoirs in the interior of Oman. The Semail Ophiolite is a sliver of oceanic crust and upper mantle emplaced on the autochthonous Mesozoic carbonate succession of the Oman margin during the Late Cretaceous. A sequence of marginal marine clastics to open marine carbonates was deposited unconformably on top of the ophiolite from the late Paleocene. Alluvial fan channels and marshy sediments give way up section to fossiliferous limestones, all folded during Miocene deformation events. Fossil quaternary coastal Aeolian dunes are locally preserved in Wadi valleys. We will aim to visit representative outcrops of these units during a half day geological trip.

*Please note: the field trip is limited to 50 participants.