79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017

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12 - 15 June
Paris, France
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Workshop 6: Velocity Uncertainties Derived from Seismic Depth Imaging and their Use in Risk Analysis

WS06 Sunday 11 June
 Title: Velocity Uncertainties Derived from Seismic Depth Imaging and their Use in Risk Analysis
 Room: B2
 Convenors: P. Guillaume (CGG)
K. Osypov (Chevron)

Workshop Description

Methods for estimating earth/velocity models are more and more numerous, using either ray theory and/or wave equation: ray-based tomography, FWI, wavepath tomography, WEMVA, AVO inversion, etc. Obtained results are often quite different. How confident can we be? How can uncertainty and sensitivity analyses in seismics help reduce exploration risk?

The purpose of the workshop is to review methods able to compute uncertainties related to estimated models, in a qualitative or quantitative manner, in order to reconcile different information sources into a final model obtained within a given confidence interval.

Workshop Programme

09:00 Opening
09:15  Keynote 1: Novel Approaches to estimating Subsurface Velocity
A. Curtis* (University of Edinburgh)

 Keynote 2: Velocity Uncertainty Analysis - Concepts and Examples
K. Osypov* (Chevron), N. Ivanova (NEOS)

10:05  Seismic Uncertainty and Ambiguity
K. Mosegard* (University of Copenhagen), A. Zunino (University of Copenhagen), N. Frandsen (Ramboell Copenhagen), P. Christiansen (University of Copenhagen)
10:30 Coffee break
10:45  Multi-physics Uncertainty Analysis and Considerations - A Toolkit for Interpreters
M. Mantovani* (Schlumberger)
11:10  Panel Discussion
11:30 Lunch 

13:00 Tomographic Model Uncertainties and their Effect on Imaged Structures
M. Reinier* (CGG), J. Messud (CGG), P. Guillaume (CGG), T. Rebert (CGG)
13:25 Anisotropic Earth Model Building and Some Sources of Uncertainty in the Results
O. Zdraveva* (WesternGeco)
13:50 Uncertainty Estimation by Probabilistic First Arrival Time Tomography using Markov Chain Monte Carlo Sampling
A. Gesret* (Mines ParisTech), J. Belhadj (Mines ParisTech), T. Romary (Mines ParisTech), M. Noble (Mines ParisTech), N. Desassis (Mines ParisTech)
14:15 Model Uncertainty Analysis for De-risking Seismic Image Accuracy 
A. Bell* (PGS), L. Russo (PGS), T. Martin (PGS), D. van der Burg (PGS)
14:40 Coffee break
14:50 Complexity in Common Image Gather Behavior in Offshore Continental Settings Arising from Velocity Model Building and Imaging Choices
G. O'Brien* (Tullow Oil), M. Igoe (Tullow Oil), J. Doherty (Tullow Oil), P. Matrice (Tullow Oil), R. Mecklenburgh (Tullow Oil)
15:15  What Mistakes are we making while Interpreting Salt - Could FWI help?
J. Dellinger* (BP), A. Brenders (BP), X. Shen (BP), I. Ahmed (BP), J. Sandschaper (BP), J. Etgen (BP)
15:40  Reduction of Depth Uncertainties using Common Offset RTM (COR) Gathers
 S. Liu (TGS), G. Rodriguez* (TGS), F. Hao (TGS)
16:05  Post-Migration Processing and Imaging in the Local Angle Domain
Z. Koren* (Paradigm)
16:30 Panel Discussion
17:00 Closing