79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017

Energy, Technology, Sustainability - Time to open a new Chapter

12 - 15 June
Paris, France
Call for papers

Workshop 18: Geoscience & Reservoir Integration in Studies - Tools and Methods

WS18 Friday 16 June
 Title: Geoscience & Reservoir Integration in Studies - Tools and Methods
 Room: B4

A. Abadpour (Total)
P. Biver (Total)
M. Jackson (Imperial College London)
P. Ruelland (Total)

Workshop Description

All the actors in the E&P world do recognize the importance of integrated work in the geosciences & reservoir studies whether in exploration or in development. The main goals of the integration are:
•    An efficient use of data from various sources to improve the coherency of geosciences and reservoir interpretations;
•    An enhanced collaboration between geoscientists and engineers with more time given for thinking and discussing through integrated workflow processes;
•    Reduction of the E&P time cycle and especially that of the geosciences & reservoir studies through an easier knowledge sharing and improved team work.

Most actors, whether O&G companies, service companies or in academia have grown on their experience and developed integrated workflow, integrated platforms or both.

The first objective of this workshop is to share experience. This will be conducted through a poster session on the topic: “how does your company or academic institute respond to these challenges, through what workflow or what tools/platforms?”

The second objective is to project ourselves into the future and discuss: “What tools, what workflows do we need in the future to answer forthcoming challenges?” and “How can the current and forthcoming Digital step changes help us transform our tools and methods? What specifically do we need to do and are we ready to share or to build together?”

Who should attend?
•    Geoscientists, reservoir engineers with experience in E&P studies (exploration and development), either in O&G companies or in service companies;
•    Researchers in geosciences and reservoir engineering from the academic world who share concerns about integration workflows and platforms.

Workshop Programme

09:00 Introduction
09:05 Keynote 
M. Jackson (Imperial College London)
09:30 Poster session
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Round table introduction
13:30 Round table discussions
14:30 Synthesis
15:15 Plenary discussion
16:15 Closing 


Poster Session:
Workflow Integration in Reservoir Studies - Maintaining the integrity of data, interpretations and uncertainties across disciplines
A. Haouesse* (Paradigm), M. Morin (Paradigm), C. Cosson (Paradigm)
Sismage-CIG, an Integrated Platform for Geosciences and Reservoir to Accelerate Studies and Improve Results
P. Ruelland* (Total)

Integrated Sedimentological Case Study of Glacial Ordovician Reservoirs in the Illizi Basin, Algeria
M. Dupouy* (Engie), G. Desaubliaux (Engie), N. Nosjean (Engie), A. Lloyd (Engie), R. Cherif (Sonatrach AST)

Workflow to Integrate Geophysical Deep EM and Reservoir Simulation for Interwell Saturation Mapping
A. Marsala* (Saudi Aramco), S. Lyngra (Saudi Aramco), S. Ma (Saudi Aramco), S. Alsaif (Saudi Aramco), et al.
Semantic Interoperability in the Petroleum Exploration Chain - SIPEX research project 
J. Rainaud* (IFPEN), M. Perrin (GEOSIRIS), L. Fonseca Garcia (UFRGS), M. Abel (UFRGS), et al.
Looping through an Integrated Workflow to update a Seismic Driven Reservoir Model for Field Development Optimization
C. Tarchiani* (Eni), F. Arata (Eni), A. Cossa (Eni), E. Paparozzi (Eni), et al.
Construction and Integration of Geological Meaningful Surfaces into Surface-based Reservoir Models
C. Jacquemyn* (Imperial College London), Y. Melnikova (Imperial College London), M. Rood (Imperial College London),G. Hampson (Imperial College London), et al.
Application of Integrated Interpretation, Modeling and Structural Restoration Workflow for an Extensional Basin Interpretation
R. Chelak* (GridWorld)
An Innovative Methodology for Integrated Modelling of a Tight Carbonate Oil Reservoir
M. Al-Subaihi* (Kuwait Oil Company), P. Cueille (Beicip), H. Al-Muraikhi (Kuwait Oil Company), B. Tiwari (Beicip), et al.
3D Stochastic Assimilation of Gravity Data in Lalor Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide, Manitoba, Canada
S. Tirdad* (INRS), A. Bouchedda (INRS), E. Gloaguen (INRS), J. Dupuis (Laval University)
Integration of Time-lapse Gravity and Production Data to Monitor Gas Reservoirs
A. Balza* (EDCON PRJ), Y. Li (Colorado School of Mines)
Practical Workflow Integration – Ensuring added value to all contributors
A. Skorstad* (Emerson), K. Midtveit (Emerson), S. Batchelor (Emerson)
Velocities in Imaging and Stratigraphic Inversion - New opportunities for integration 
G. Lambaré* (CGG), R. Coleou (CGG), J. Messud (CGG), T. Allemand (CGG), P. Guillaume (CGG)
SISMAGE-CIG, Total Open Geoscience Internal Integrated Framework based on Standards for Interoperability
F. Morandini* (Total), B. Soleilhavoup (Total), C. Gautreau (Total)