Second European Airborne Electromagnetics Conference

3 - 7 September
Malmö, Sweden
Call for papers

Word of welcome by the European Airborne Electromagnetics Division

EuroAEM is a European forum for innovative research and novel applications in the field of airborne electromagnetics (AEM). European research groups provide a significant part of the global AEM development and European companies are major suppliers of AEM technology. In addition, both the technology and application are in a stage of tremendous development, which is why we find it important to host the second geophysical conference under the EAGE umbrella and on European ground dedicated to AEM. The conference further balances the five-year rhythm of the international AEM workshop, last held in 2013 in South Africa and planned again in Denmark in 2018.

We encourage contributions with European focus and applications that are of special interest in this region. However, AEM is a technology used globally, and contributions from all over the world are as welcome as the European ones. We would like to receive abstracts describing mining, hydrogeology, environmental, and geotechnical applications. As the technology, on the absolute highest level, is the driver for these applications, we also encourage abstracts focusing on the technology, new exciting hardware as well as software for processing and inversion.

Esben Auken
Esben Auken

Chairman of the Second European Airborne Electromagnetics Conference


Word of welcome by the Near Surface Geoscience Division

On behalf of the Near Surface Geoscience Division I cordially invite you to attend the Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2017, to be held in Malmö in September 2017. It is the first time that the Near Surface Geoscience conference will be organized in Sweden and I personally welcome this exciting opportunity to witness the activities of a country with a long-standing tradition in applied geophysical research and a most vibrant and active geophysical community in academia, industry and the public sector.

This edition will host the 23nd European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics and two parallel events; the Second European Airborne Electromagnetics Conference and the Fourth Sustainable Earth Sciences Conference.

Malmö, the largest city in the Skåne region, offers a strategic location at the gateway between Scandinavia and Northern Europe with excellent transport links to Denmark and the Continent. That, together with Skåne’s beautiful scenery makes it an obvious destination. A stronghold of the Viking era, the region boasts farmlands, forests and lakes littered with castles, manors and medieval churches. I am sure that you will be keen to discover for yourselves the inspiration that is associated with a place of such rich history and diverse arts.

As a division of EAGE, we are forward-looking and increasingly influential, having attracted more than 4,200 affiliated members and contributing measurably to the overall success of our Association. The September meeting is going from strength to strength in its modern format – and we are now able to incorporate an even wider range of subjects and professional interests under the Near Surface Geoscience umbrella.

Making each Near Surface Geoscience meeting even more relevant and special than its predecessors, is our continuing commitment. A carefully selected programme with numerous highlights will make being a delegate of Near Surface Geoscience 2017 an enjoyable and unmissable experience. Our commercial exhibitors will present to you the latest achievements in geophysical equipment, technology and services.

The Near Surface Geoscience Division and I look forward to welcoming you to Malmö in 2017. I do hope that you will join us and take another opportunity to network with likeminded professionals, debate your science with colleagues and friends, and share the results of your studies and to learn something new.

Oliver Kuras
Chair of the Near Surface Geoscience Division

Oliver Kuras