GeoBaikal 2018

11 - 17 August
Irkutsk, Russia
Call for papers


How to register

The best way to register is by using the online registration form.
You could choose to register and pay using Russian form or an English form

Please note!
Registration forms will not be accepted unless accompanied by full payment. Should you apply for the member fee, please state your EAGE membership number. It is requested that group bookings are accompanied by a list of names and membership numbers, if applicable.

After receipt of registration and payment, delegates will receive a confirmation letter, which should be exchanged on-site for a badge. The confirmation letter will be sent via e-mail, if a valid e-mail address is supplied. The confirmation letter is also available for download in My EAGE (after login).

Registration fees

All fees are in Euros (€). One Euro of your total registration fee is donated to the EAGE Green Fund.

Please note: The deadlines are following the Local Time in the Netherlands.

  Registered and paid Until

  02.06.2018- 01.08.2018

  02.08.2018 - on-site

Conference and 2-day workshop5 2, 16-17 August 2018      
EAGE/SPE1 member € 860 € 990 Not available
EAGE/SPE1 student member2 € 505 € 590 Not available
Retired4 EAGE member € 645 € 745 Not available
Non-member3 € 950 € 1080 Not available
Full time student non-member1,2 € 545 € 630 Not available
Family member € 220 € 235 Not available
The number of participants in the geological workshop 2 is limited, registration is guaranteed until June 1, 2018


Conference only      
EAGE/SPE1 member € 430 € 490 € 550
EAGE/SPE1 student member2 € 75 € 90 € 105
Retired4 EAGE member € 215 € 245 € 275
Non-member3 € 520 € 580 € 630
Full time student non-member1,2 € 115 € 130 € 145
Family member € 75 € 90 € 105


Geological workshop5 1      
EAGE1 member € 500 Not available Not available
Non-member3 € 571 Not available Not available

The maximum number of participants is 12 people, registration is possible until June 1, 2018

  1. Members please note: To qualify for the member registration fee, your EAGE membership dues for 2018 must have been paid and confirmed. The processing time for membership applications or renewals is 10 working days.
  2. To qualify for the reduced student registration fee:
    • Students must be enrolled in a full time study programme at a recognized university or institute.
    • The registration must be accompanied by a copy of a student ID card and/or official proof of enrollment.
    • Please note: Student non-members cannot be older than 34 years of age (when registering).
  3. The non-member fee includes EAGE membership for the remainder of 2018.
  4. Individuals who wish to apply for this type of registration fee should have been member of the Association for at least 10 years, are older than 60 and retired
  5. EAGE reserves the right to cancel any additional activities, such as courses, workshops and other services, unless a sufficient number of applications have been submitted. In this case, the payment for services will be fully refunded.