80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

Opportunities presented by the energy transition

11 - 14 June
Copenhagen, Denmark
Call for papers

Workshop Presenter Recommendations


1.1 General info
To ensure the success of the forthcoming EAGE conference, and to satisfy the high expectations of the delegates, it is important that presenters adhere to certain standards and guidelines. These are explained in the following pages and you are requested to read them carefully.

As presenter you are going to communicate the results of your work. In doing so you have to consider carefully who your target audience is and what is of interest to them.

It should be kept in mind that the majority of delegates are practising geoscientists who like to leave the conference with new ideas and developments that are applicable in their respective business activities. Targeting your presentation to a narrow audience of specialists is justified only for very specialised sessions.

Additionally, the amount and detail of information that can be communicated in a 20-minute presentation is very limited. This means that complexities, detailed derivations and involved arguments will fail to reach your audience. Simple statements and illustrations are easier to understand and these must convey the essence of your presentation.

All presentations must be in English and should follow the ‘Professional and Ethical standards’ as stipulated in article XI of EAGE’s By-laws.
Programme times must be strictly adhered to.

Oral presentations
Please follow the below mentioned links for:

- the recommendations for oral presentations
- the mandatory PowerPoint template to prepare your presentation 

1.2 Registration
All speakers must register for the workshop before 1 May. All speakers are entitled to the early registration fee, during and until the deadline of the late fee period. All speakers will soon be contacted with information about how to register. 

1.3 Cancellations
Should you be unable to give your presentation, please notify us by email (annual2018@eage.org) before date. (Please note that failure to do so will be considered as a no-show and will disqualify you from presenting at all EAGE events for the next 3 years).

A poster is an ideal medium for an informal exchange of ideas and for discussions. The EAGE believes that a poster presentation is equal in importance to an oral presentation.

2.1 Preparation
In order to obtain a design for your poster which aims to generate active discussion it is recommended to:
- Place the highlights at eye level (i.e. the upper half of the wall element)
- Divide each poster into at least three equal columns for readability of text. Illustrations may extend over two or three columns.
- Text and character size:
o Word-process all text (including captions) and print on a plain, light-coloured background.
o Use a minimum font size of 18 points. (text should be readable from two metres away)

- Illustrations:
o Should have a resolution of 300 dpi to be suitable for printing on A0
o Should be placed large enough on the poster so it is readable from five feet away

- Poster Format:
o The maximum allowed paper size is A0.
o As there is one (1) poster board available per presentation, please use 'Portrait' layout for your poster.

2.2 Presentation
As the presenter of a poster you have the distinct advantage of being able to draw the attention of your audience to particular illustrations. These can be studied and discussed in more detail.

To have a successful presentation, make sure your poster is attractive, well laid out and largely self-explanatory. The explanation of your poster should complement your visual display.

The poster presentation should be given during the allocated timeslot.
Please note that the presenter must be on site to present the poster. Simply hanging up the poster does not suffice as a presentation. Should you encounter difficulties presenting the poster, you are urged to contact your session chairman and an EAGE representative, located at the TP info desk.

The poster will be on display throughout the day of your presentation, in the assigned workshop room. This should be mounted between 08.00 hrs and 08.30 hrs and should be removed between 17.15 hrs and 17.45 hrs the same day.

Should you fail to remove your poster, it will be thrown away.