80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

Opportunities presented by the energy transition

11 - 14 June
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Remote Sensing for Exploration - Reservoir and Environment


Sunday 10 June 2018

Title: Remote Sensing for Exploration - Reservoir and Environment
Room: TBC
Convenors: D. Dubucq (Total)
A. Urdiroz (TRE-Altamira) 
S. Cespa (TRE-Altamira)
R. Hall (Statoil)

Workshop Description

Remote Sensing imagery has been traditionally used in O&G exploration for structural and geological mapping. Today satellite images cover large swath, reach 30 cm resolution for optical images and submetric resolution for radar images, contain visible and infrared channels for surface vegetation and mineral identification; Terabytes of new Landsat and Sentinel data are freely available every single day.  The huge flow of data opens new opportunities and new applications for exploration domain selection, production monitoring and environment monitoring.

Other systems such as Lidar systems may be used to measure Digital Terrain Model (DSM, i.e. ground topography), or detect and identify gases also with exploration and environment applications.

The objective of this workshop is to present case studies and R&D projects on the applications of Remote Sensing in O&G:
Geological mapping, surface characterization and mapping, surface mapping for hydrocarbon prospecting;
Production and environment monitoring;
Surface deformation;
Surface hydrocarbon detection , seeps detection and mapping;
Hyperspectral imaging and processing;
Big data: processing and interpretation of large time series for exploration, production and environment;
Remote sensing in the exploration workflow.

 Outcrop dolomitization assessment from hyperspectral images









Outcrop dolomitization assessment from hyperspectral images

Workshop Programme

09:00  Welcome 
Session 1: The role of RS in the exploration-production-abandonment process
09:15 Remote sensing from space for oil exploration
Prof. Rocca (POLIMI)
09:45 Subtile interseismic strain rate distribution detected from a spatial frequency analysis of InSAR
T. Maurin (Total)
10:15 Optical remote sensing for gas flaring monitoring
R. Quadvlieg (Shell)
10:45 Coffee break
11:00 Asset digitalization and integrity monitoring: a UAS based approach
S. Liu (NAM)
11:30 The Use of Remote Sensing Products for Enhancing  the Environment  Protection and of Offshore Operations Safety
M. Fragoso (CLS)
12:00 Lidar and UAV for rock mass geomechanical characterisation. Support to fracture studies of outcrop analogues
A. Tamburini (Imageo)
12:30 Identification of ultramafic and mafic rocks in West Greenland using spectral sensing technologies
S. Salehi (GEUS)
13:00 Lunch break 
Session 2: The new era of Remote Sensing 
14:00 Keynote - The new era of Geo-Information: big data, analytics, new platforms, and Airbus perspective
A. Celentano (Airbus)
14:30 Video from Space - a new dimension in Earth Observation
P. Hausknecht (Earth-i)
15:00 New trends in satellite SAR sensors: impact on monitoring projects
A. Ferretti (TRE ALTAMIRA)
15:30 Coffee break 
15:45 Remote Sensing Cloud tools in the  geological workflow
L. Turon (Total)
16:15 Hyperspectral HC detection/ Dream Bigger
16:45 Discussion and wrap-up
17:00 Closure and end of workshop

Please note that this programme is subject to change.