80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

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11 - 14 June
Copenhagen, Denmark
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Seismic Inversion into Lithology/Fluid Classes


Sunday 10 June 2018

Title: Seismic Inversion into Lithology/Fluid Classes
Room: E
Convenors: H. Klemm (Total)
H. Omre (NTNU) 
P. Avseth (NTNU)

Workshop Description

Pre-stack inversion of seismic data to obtain elastic properties is a well-established technique in the oil industry, both during exploration and production. Many methodologies to classify elastic inversion results into lithology-fluid classes exist. This two-step approach faces many shortcomings, however.

Recent years have seen a growing interest in inversion for categorical properties such as lithology-fluid classes directly from pre-stack seismic data. The advantages of these methods range from the ability to capture extreme events to more reliable quantification of uncertainties. Moreover, lithology-fluid classification also make it possible to assign lithology specific and depth dependent rock-physics models that will better constrain the seismic inversion. Furthermore, the categorical classes allow the possibility to define multi-modal models for reservoir properties such as porosity and saturation.

This workshop aims at bringing together geophysicists, rock-physics researchers and statisticians interested in the topic both from a practical and research point of view. Case study presentations will be encouraged.

Who should attend

Researchers and practitioners with a keen interest in new developments in seismic inversion in general, and in categorical inversion into lithology-fluid classes in particular.

Workshop Programme

Morning Session - Workflow/methodology
09:00 Probabilistic Seismic Inversion of Facies and Petrophysical Properties Using Gaussian Mixture and Markov Chain prior Models – A Norwegian Sea demonstration
T. Fjeldstad (NTNU), P. Avseth (NTNU)
09:45 Discussion with opponent
10:05 Investigating the Relationship between prior Information and Seismic Resolution in a Bayesian Setting
P. Harris (Sharp Reflections)
10:35 Coffee break 
11:00 Facies-based Reservoir Characterisation through the Asset lifecycle
M. Kemper (Ikon Science)
11:30 Solving for Facies in Seismic Inversion as Essential for Realistic Reservoir Models
H. Debeye (CGG)
12:00 Lunch break
Afternoon Session - Case examples/4D-applications
13:25 Keynote - Exploring Constraints and their Effects - How a one-step inversion from seismic to lithology (Pcube+) allows for a variety of ways of including geological constraints, and their effects on a real data case from the North Sea
Ø. Skjæveland (Equinor)
14:10 Discussion with opponent
14:25 Application of Sequential and Kalman Filters for 3D/4D Reservoir Characterization Challenges
R. Bachrach (Schlumberger)
14:55 Coffee break 
15:15 Fluid Prediction from Time-lapse Seismic AVO Data
O.B. Forberg (NTNU), H. Omre (NTNU)
15:45 Probabilistic Inversion into Lithology and Fluid Classes in the North Sea – Comparison of one- and two-step approach
E. Aker (NR)
16:15 Variational Bayesian Inversion of Quasi-Localized Seismic Attributes for the Spatial Distribution of Geological Facies
M.A. Nawaz (Univ. of Edinburgh), A. Curtis (Univ. of Edinburgh)
16:45 Closure
17:00 End of workshop

Please note that this programme is subject to change.