80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

Opportunities presented by the energy transition

11 - 14 June
Copenhagen, Denmark
Call for papers

Improving the use of seismic data for reservoir model definition and update


Monday 11 June 2018

Title: Improving the use of seismic data for reservoir model definition and update
Room: TBC
Convenors: P. Thore (Total)
T. Coleou (CGG)
T. Cadoret (Total)
M. Alerini (Statoil)

Workshop Description

In this workshop the focus should be on updating reservoir models using seismic data, looking in particular at:

  • Purpose and value
  • Available knowledge (data and model)
  • Integration strategies
  • Assisted approaches

The modelling exercise involves many steps where manual work and pragmatism is often required. Seismic amplitude comes usually with limited resolution, lack of control on uncertainties or biases which can blur the required implicit or explicit rock physics relationships.

The workshop will discuss: 
1. Required quality of prior (static) model
2. How to assess the seismic data quality?
3. Values of new seismic acquisitions (broadband, permanent acquisitions, simple change detection) and other geophysical data
4. Methods for updating reservoir models including seismic data
5. How far do we need in the use of seismic data (Decision support, concept validation, definition and update of model)?
6. How pragmatic should we or can we be?

The workshop should be the occasion for multi-disciplinary exchanges around past experiences on cases studies shared by the participants.

Who should attend:
Reservoir engineers, geophysicists, and geologists interested in building and updating models.

Call for abstracts:

Deadline: 21 February 2018

Please submit your proposed abstract (1 page of text and 1 page of figures) according to the EAGE Conditions for submitting abstracts by the 21 February 2018 via email to Mathias Alerini at matale@statoil.com.

To fill in the title and summary of your abstract, please use this form. The information will be used by EAGE to provide a cover page for your abstract.

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