80th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2018

Opportunities presented by the energy transition

11 - 14 June
Copenhagen, Denmark
Call for papers

Shallow High Resolution Images from 3D Conventional 3D Seismic Data


Friday 15 June 2018

Title: Shallow High Resolution Images from 3D Seismic Data
Room: C
Convenors: J. Fasterling  (Total)
B. Caselitz (PGS)
R. Winnett (Fugro)

Workshop Description

In the distant past, near surface characterization and imaging has not been the focus in traditional seismic workflows. Due to cost saving efforts, complementing information to site surveys has been put more into focus and shallow exploration targets have created more attention on the quality of shallow imaging. In deep water environment, tailored processing has been successfully applied to conventional towed streamer to produce high resolution imaging of the seafloor and below and in many cases replaced the need for a site survey. The same could not be said for shallow water environments where the lack of near offset of towed streamer acquisition impaired on the ability to produce shallow high resolution imaging.

In this workshop we want to discuss how new methods in acquisition (configurations that optimize the near offset information, high resolution sources, …), processing (FWI, other inversion tools, new seismic imaging techniques, ...), non-seismic information (Joint Inversion with potential fields and EM) and collaboration between different disciplines can benefit and complement site surveys and specific shallow imaging projects in a shallow water environment.

Further discussions can involve on how to extract high resolution information beyond the seismic image from the datasets (Velocities, AVA, Rock Physics parameters, Mechanical parameters).

Workshop Programme

Session 1
09:00 Welcome
09:00 Introduction and Benchmark Setting
S. Oakley (Fugro)
09:15 Shallow Imaging Using the P-cable Acquisition System
B. Mattox (NCS)
09:30 HR 3D Seismic for Overburden Assessment - Bespoke acquisition or sweat the processing?
A. Hill (BP)
09:45 Discussion
10:15 Coffee break


Session 2
10:35 Source-over-cable Acquisition - Implications for the Shallow Targets in the Barentz Sea Geological Setting
J.E. Lie (Lundin)
10:50 Realising the Value of Exploration Seismic for Shallow Hazard Identification - Recent experiences with high resolution processing and imaging
A. Cooke (WesternGeco)
11:05 Imaging Solutions to Increase Shallow Illumination, Angular Coverage and Estimate Reflectivity based on on Separated Wavefield Migration and Least Squares Full Wave Field Migration
O. Korsmo (PGS)
11:20 Discussion
11:50 Lunch break


Session 3
13:00 SWIM* Processing on GeoStreamer Data to Optimize Wells Surface Location
G. Mikkelsen (Total)

Using Existing Seismic Data for Site Surveys - A practical exercise
F. Steinhoff (INEOS)

13:30 Discussion
14:30 End of the workshop