EAGE Workshop on Simultaneous Sources

24 - 24 July
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for papers

About the Workshop

Workshop Overview

Simultaneous source acquisition technology is becoming more accepted as a production-worthy solution for improving quality and reducing costs. As more surveys are conducted, new ideas emerge and new creative approaches to field operations and data processing are being developed. Moreover, research continues to expand the concepts and investigate related new ways to acquire and process data.

This workshop seeks to examine the latest in both research and practical applications and will generally cover the state of the art of simultaneous source acquisition and processing with emphasis on recent field experiences. The organizers welcome innovative results from around the world but the venue being in Kuala-Lumpur, we expect a focus on the AustralAsia region, where many innovation have been introduced. A one-day short course will precede the workshop on the fundamentals of simultaneous sources and thus offers a unique opportunity to efficiently explore the topic.

Who Should Attend 

The workshop offers an exceptional opportunity for both operators and service companies and companies to hear the latest developments in this rapidly evolving technology.