EAGE/TNO Workshop on OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization

7 - 7 September
Barcelona, Spain
Call for papers


Technical Programme 

Morning Session
08:50 Opening and Introduction
09:00 Keynote Speaker: Field Development Optimization - Past, Present and Future Challenges
A. Reynolds (University of Tulsa)

Olympus Optimization under Geological Uncertainty
Y. Chang (IRIS), R. Lorentzen(IRIS), G. Naevdal (IRIS), T. Feng (Statoil)

09:55 Defining 3D Reservoir Well Patterns as Functions of Geology for Robust Design and Faster Optimization
P. Bergey (Total)
10:20 Well Control Optimization with Open Source Tools for Olympus
S. Krogstad (SINTEF), H.M. Nielsen (SINTEF), A.F. Rasmussen (SINTEF)
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Application of Hierarchical and Partitional Global Optimization for Olympus
J.E. Onwunalu (Thedibia Reservoir Solutions)
Stochastic Optimization Strategies Applied to Olympus Benchmark Case
V. Silva (Petrobras), M. Cardoso (Petrobras), D. Oliveira (Petrobras)
Standardized Workflow for Field Development Plan Optimization under Uncertainty
R. Schulze-Riegert* (Schlumberger), A. Anton (Schlumberger), J. Baffoe (Schlumberger), D. Geissenhoener (Schlumberger), K. Jin Ng (Schlumberger), M. Nwakile (Schlumberger), S. Skripkin (Schlumberger), C. Meulengracht (Schlumberger), M. Whymark (Schlumberger)
Lunch Break + Posters
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Afternoon Session
13:45 Well Control, Field Development and Joint Optimisation Using (μ+λ) Evolutionary Strategy Algorithm and a Stochastic Rank-based Realisation Selection - Olympus Model
M. Sayyafzadeh* (The University of Adelaide), Z Alrashdi (The University of Adelaide)
14:10 OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization Challenge
A. Harb (American University of Beirut), H. Kassem (American University of Beirut), K. Ghorayeb* (American University of Beirut)
14:35 Generalized Field Development for the Olympus Reservoir under Geologic Uncertainty
F. Zou (University of Southern California), A. Jahandideh*(University of Southern California), S. Navabi (University of Southern California), B. Jafarpour (University of Southern California)
15:00 Poster Session + Break
15:45 Discussion : Lessons learned & way forward
16:15 Closing and Presentation Ceremony
16:30 Drinks


Poster Presentations

12:30 TNO P01 Ensemble-Based Optimization Of Well Trajectory Design In The OLYMPUS Field
E. Barros (TNO), A. Chitu (TNO), O. Leeuwenburgh* (TNO) 
  TNO P02 Methods For Reducing Parameter Solution Space And Accelerated Solution For The OLYMPUS Challenge
P. Gregory (Schlumberger), N. Chugunov (Schlumberger), K. Rashid (Schlumberger), R. Schulze-Riegert* (Schlumberger), M.J. Williams (Schlumberger), W.J. Bailey (Schlumberger), A. Sadowska (Schlumberger), M.A. Giddins (Schlumberger), H. Williams (Schlumberger)
  TNO P03 Hierarchical Multigrid Methods For Production Optimization Of The OLYMPUS Field
S. Horsholt* (Technical University of Denmark), H.M. Nick (Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre), J.B. Jørgensen (Technical University of Denmark) 
  TNO P04 Drainage Strategy Analytics On The OLYMPUS Field
J. Saestrom* (Resoptima)
  TNO P05 Optimal Rate Allocation Using Capacitance Resistance Models And Open Source Optimization Tools
D.L. Moreno Bedoya* (Ecopetrol), G.A. Bautista (Ecopetrol), M.A. Gómez (None), F.O. Betancourt (Ecopetrol)
  TNO P07 Decision Making Under Subsurface Uncertainty via Sequential Uncertainty Refinement Method
S. Tanaka* (Chevron Energy Technology Company), Z. Wang (Chevron Energy Technology Company), J. He (Chevron Energy Technology Company), X.H. Wen (Chevron Energy Technology Company)
  TNO P08 A Multi-Level Clustering Method For Field Development Optimization Under Uncertainty
A. Awotunde* (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals), N. Sibaweihi (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)
  TNO P09 OLYMPUS Challenge
J.W.O. Pinto* (Federal University of Pernambuco), J.A.R. Tueros (Federal University of Pernambuco), B. Horowitz (Federal University of Pernambuco), S.M.B. Silva (Federal University of Pernambuco), R.B. Willmersdorf (Federal University of Pernambuco)
  TNO P10 Ensemble-Based Optimization With Localized Temporal Contributions To Update Direction
A. Khrulenko* (IRIS), A. Zolotukhin (Gubkin Russian University of Oil and Gas)
  TNO P11 OLYMPUS Challenge - Coventry University
J. Carter* (Coventry University), M. Turner (Zenotech Simulation Ltd), J. Talbot (Heriot-Watt University)
  TNO P12 A Stochastic And Scalable Field Development Optimization Pipeline With Distributed Computing Systems
R. Khaninezhad* (Terra.ai), R. Canon (Terra.ai)
  TNO P13 Efficient Large Scale Optimization Under Uncertainty With Multiple Proxy Models
N.H. Goodwin* (Essence Analytics)
  TNO P14 Application Of Machine Learning Techniques And Genetic Algorithms Methods To Oil Reservoir Development And Production Op
M.A. Dada* (In Salah Gas), M. Mellal (In Salah Gas)
  TNO P16 Optimized Field Development Of OLYMPUS Model Using Nexus
Z. Noor* (Halliburton), Z. Gu (Halliburton)
  TNO P17 OLYMPUS Field Development Optimization Study - KFUPM
R.A. Khan* (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals), A. Asad (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals), M.S. Jamal (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals), S.A. Zaidi (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)
  TNO P18 Bayesian Analysis And Decision Theory At Durham University
J.D. Owen* (Durham University), I. Vernon (Durham University)
  TNO P19 With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility - Olympus Challenge
A. Kuznetsova* (Rock Flow Dynamics), A. Diaz (Rock Flow Dynamics), A. Volkov (Rock Flow Dynamics), D. Eydinov (Rock Flow Dynamics)