Education Days Aberdeen 2018

Multiple Short Course Programme

28 - 31 August
Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Call for papers

28-29 August 2018

More from Seismic - a Workshop on Seismic Stratigraphic Techniques

Dr George Bertram (Stratigraphic Research Int. Ltd.)

Geology - Stratigraphy 
CPD Points: 10

Course Description
Seismic Data contain a wealth of information if you know where and how to look for them. Using a number of seismic based examples and "hands on" interpretation exercises from different geological settings worldwide, attendees will learn how to identify different depositional environments, predict facies, (especially reservoir, source rock and seal) measure water depths, calculate subsidence trends, recognize and quantify sea-level changes and, where appropriate, determine the paleo weather conditions. Issues of flattening and datuming to improve the understanding of basin evolution will also be addressed. 

Participants' Profile 
Geoscientists, geologists and seismic interpreters, working in exploration or basin analysis, especially those interpreting seismic data with limited well control.