Education Days Houston 2018

Multiple Short Course Programme

5 - 9 November
Houston, United States
Call for papers
Title Instructor 
5 November Estimating Rock Mechanical Properties from Geolocigal and Geophysical Measurements  Dr Richard A. Plumb 
5 - 6 November  Integrated Methods for Deep-Water Reservoir Characterization Dr Jon R. Rotzien
6 - 7 November                      Oilfield Geomechanics: Application to Drilling, Completions, Reservoir, Production, Geology and Geophysics Dr David Wiprut 
7 November   Uncertainty Quantification and Management Dr Dario Grana
8 - 9 November  3D Printing Geological Models for Education, Research, and Technical Communication 

Prof. Dr Franek Hasiuk and  Dr Sergey Ishutov

9 November  Applications of Seismic Anisotropy in the Oil and Gas Industry  Dr Vladimir Grechka

Daily Time schedule
08:15-08:45 registration
09:00-17:00 course