Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2018

14th Conference & Exhibition

23 - 27 April
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Call for papers

Seismic surveys for mining feasibility study and support

The Europe largest Upper Kama deposit of potassic and magnesian salts is used as an example to evaluate seismic surveys as a tool for solving a large scope of mining and geological problems at different production stages. The problems to be discussed are: local geology; parameters for rock mechanic calculations; water-blocking fill monitoring; stability monitoring of buildings and structures in mined areas. The problems are solved using surface and subsurface seismic surveys of different resolutions. The features of the technologies are associated with both natural and manmade factors. The natural factors are: shallow depths and small sizes of target objects; strong lateral variations of their structure and properties; petroleum reservoir potential of underlying deposits. The manmade factors are: large sizes of stripped area; location of mining sites within urban agglomerations.

SanfirovBabkinSanfirov I.А., Professor, Doctor Sci. (Engineering), Director, Mining Institute, Perm, Russia. 
Babkin A.I., Candidate Sci. (Engineering), Associate Professor, Chief of Mining Institute, Perm, Russia