Engineering & Mining Geophysics 2018

Vladimir_Ignatiev Dear colleagues!

I invite all of you to take part in the 14th conference and exhibition «Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2018», which will take place in Almaty (Republic of Kazakhstan). The conference will allow specialists to exchange views on a variety of research and production issues within the framework of technical sessions, round tables and backstage discussions, debate opportunities and ways of interaction, get a clear insight about the latest hardware and software developments from leading geophysical equipment manufacturers at the exhibition and field demonstration.
Engineering and mining geophysics is extremely diverse both from the point of view of numerous basic methods and in terms of implementing methodological approaches to the study of physical fields and the interpretation of the data obtained. The technical program of the conference will highlight virtually all geophysical directions covering the range of studying the geological media on land and water areas at depths up to 1000 m, as well as key tasks of monitoring the condition of structures and rock mass.
I am convinced that this event will be extremely useful and interesting for you, and rich technical and cultural program — unforgettable. See you in Almaty!

Vladimir Ignatev,
Chairman of the Organizing Committee,
Chief Commercial Officer, Geodevice LLC

Ujkenov Dear Colleagues,

Almaty, one of the most beautiful cities in Kazakhstan, welcomes a EAGE international conference for the second time. On behalf of the Kazakhstan geologists, I have a great pleasure to invite researchers and managers of geological institutions to participate in the conference on Engineering and Mining Geophysics in Almaty, Kazakhstan, from 23 to 27 April, 2018. The event will offer you a unique opportunity to share ideas at sessions, round tables and backstage talks, discuss ways and prospects of collaboration, and learn about the latest achievements in hardware and software design from leading geophysical equipment manufacturers at the exhibition and field demonstration.
Both theoretical and field geological research in Kazakhstan has a remarkable history. Long-term work of our scientists and mining geologists has led to thousands of discoveries that are playing a major role in the national economy. I am sure that the conference will give a new impetus to progress in science and technology. The program will highlight all modern lines of research in geology, geophysics, and engineering, including regional geological studies, innovative technologies, mineral exploration and development, and related information and analytical support.
Looking forward to meeting you at the opening session.
See you in Almaty!

Ujkenоv B.S.
Academy of Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Geological Society of Kazakhstan