Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2018

14th Conference & Exhibition

23 - 27 April
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Call for papers

Round-table discussion

Cooperation of seismologists, prospecting geophysicists and engineers in designing highly important or unique structures: state of the art and prospects in regulatory documents, tools and data sharing formats 
Belostotskiy А.М., Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction, Prof. Doctor Sci. (Engineering), Director General of RC StaDyO
Tikhotskiy S.A., Corresponding Member, Russian Academy of Science, Doctor Sci. (Physics & Mathematics), Director, Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (Moscow). 

The idea of including a special session on cooperation of seismologists and engineering designers for pre-construction site investigation into the program of an EAGE conference is not without reason. And it is especially reasonable to make this session part of the 14th annual R&D conference Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2018 which traditionally brings together the best geologists, geophysicists, seismologists, and engineering geologists. The international standards of new generation (e.g., ASCE4-16) impose extended requirements on data presentation formats, in different lines of seismic surveys. The new users will learn about these standards while the experienced ones will have many things to discuss and to share. 

The issues to be discussed at the special session and at the round table include: 
1. State of the art in norms and regulations for seismic data processing for design of highly important engineering structures; 
2. Tools and formats of data presentation. Possible approaches and right protocols; 
3. Reasons and efficiency of using separate macroseismic and instrumental seismic scales which employ physically different grades and units related to instrumental parameters of earthquakes.