Engineering and Mining Geophysics 2018

14th Conference & Exhibition

23 - 27 April
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Call for papers


 1. Integrated approach to interpretation of geological and geophysical data
 2. Geophysics for mineral exploration
 3. Geophysics for geological hazard studies
 4. Geophysics for site investigation and geotechnical monitoring
 5. Geophysics for hydrogeology and environment studies
 6. Integrated shallow geophysical surveys
 7. Topical problems of engineering geology
 8. Mathematical methods for processing and interpretation of geological and geophysical data
 9. Marine seismic
10. Airborne geophysics and drone technologies for geology
11. Surface and subsurface shallow seismic
12. Well logging: theory and practice
13. Shallow TEM surveys: theory and practice
14. Magnetic and gravity surveys for engineering, exploration, and mineral potential appraisal
15. Georadar technologies (GPR)
16. Geophysics for archaeology
17. Engineering geophysics for petroleum production
18. Special Session: Cooperation of seismologists, prospecting geophysicists and engineers in designing highly important or unique structures: state of the art and prospects