First EAGE/IGA/DGMK Joint Workshop on Deep Geothermal Energy

8 - 9 November
Strasbourg, France
Closing soon
Call for papers

Field Trip

Field trip on geothermal plants producing heat at high temperature in Alsace (France).

Northern Alsace (France) is a quite active area in terms of deep geothermal energy. As a part of the Upper Rhine Graben, several geothermal plants are already operational for producing electricity or heat from high temperature reservoir (>160°C). Those plants exploit by deep drilling (3 to 5km depth), fractured reservoirs located at the interface between the sedimentary cover and a granitic basement. One plant is producing electricity based on the ORC technology with 1.7 MWe gross power and the second plant is producing 24MW of heat for a biorefinery.

In the framework of this EAGE/IGA/DGMK workshop, it is proposed to visit two operational plants located north of Strasbourg. Many topics such as local geology, exploration methods, exploitation technology, induced seismicity, and non-technical barriers (acceptability) will be discussed during the field trip. 

The Rittershoffen geothermal plant in Alsace". The credit photo is "ES, Electricité de Strasbourg

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