Saint Petersburg 2018

Innovations in Geosciences – Time for Breakthrough

9 - 12 April
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Call for papers

Applied seismic reservoir characterization

Monday 9 April (09:00 – 14:00)

Learning goals:

This short course is intended to give an overview of the current state-of-the-art methods of seismic reservoir characterization techniques applied in the international E&P industry. It is based on over 30 years of personal practice and experience in both, oil and service companies. The course emphasizes the value of an integrated approach in cooperation with other E&P disciplines and with thorough knowledge of the general geological principles and local geological specifics. It will be demonstrated, how, by combining data and technologies, for different tasks realistic workflows can be created that provide problem oriented solutions..

Course outline:

1. Main elements of the petroleum system. What tasks can we solve using seismic data? The value of sound geological input.
2. What seismic data do we need and what are the requirements to data quality? A few techniques for data optimization.
3. The role of well data. Rock physics, empiric relationships and elastics rock property templates.
4. Different challenges require different solutions. Examples of practical workflows.
5. How to estimate the quality and reliability of the results? Efficient QC tools.
6. The need of data integration. What other information is useful and where can we get it?
7. Conclusions and recommendations.

Sabine Klarner is an E&P Geoscientist, experienced with operators and service companies in international exploration and field development projects. She obtained a Diploma in Geophysics and Mining Engineering in 1988, and began her carrier working as a seismic interpreter for German oil companies in domestic and international E&P projects. During her carrier she then worked with PGS, TNK-BP and Rosneft, with focus on rock physics of complex reservoirs and seismic reservoir characterization technologies. Since 2014, Sabine is the Technical Director of Klarner Energy Consulting (Klarenco LLC), supervising reservoir characterization projects.