2nd EAGE-VPI Conference on Reservoir Geoscience

2 - 4 December
Hanoi, Vietnam
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Call for papers
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Topic Conference 

  1. Regional Tectonics
  2. Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Management
    • Seismic Acquisition, Processing and Imaging
    • Non-Seismic Methods and Applications
    • Structure, Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Analysis
    • Regional and Play-Based Reservoir Evaluation
  3. Multi-Physics Applications
    • Petrophysics and Rock Physics
    • Geochemistry and Petroleum System Modelling
  4. Machine Learning in Reservoir Property Prediction
    • Digital solutions in Reservoir Geoscience
  5. Fractured Reservoir Characterization and Management
  6. Unconventional Resources
  7. Production Geoscience and Operations Geology
    • Geomechanics and Pore-Pressure Prediction
    • Borehole Geophysics, including Distributary Acoustic Sensing
  8. CO2 / H2S Presence: Risks, Prediction and Management
  9. Project Uncertainty, Risk and Economic Assessment
  10. Reserve Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis