2nd EAGE-VPI Conference on Reservoir Geoscience

2 - 4 December
Hanoi, Vietnam
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General Information

Conference Overview

The EAGE Reservoir Geoscience Conference aims to present and discuss with the subsurface community of the Oil and Gas industry, results of the most recent multi-disciplinary and integrated studies, analyses, state-of-the-art technological innovations, and case histories related to reservoir geoscience.

 The focus of the conference will be on the collaboration of various reservoir disciplines and analysis, including but not limited to integration of geoscience with engineering, well works, drilling, operating facilities, project management, and cost and risk analysis.

Conference Objectives

Interactive oral and poster sessions will cover all relevant subjects, studies and recent technology applications and innovations including (but not limited to) the following specifically related to the Asia Pacific region:

  1. Regional Tectonics
  2. Integrated Reservoir Characterization and Management
    • Seismic Acquisition, Processing and Imaging
    • Non-Seismic Methods and Applications
    • Structure, Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Analysis
    • Regional and Play-Based Reservoir Evaluation
  3. Multi-Physics Applications
    • Petrophysics and Rock Physics
    • Geochemistry and Petroleum System Modelling
  4. Machine Learning in Reservoir Property Prediction
    • Digital solutions in Reservoir Geoscience 
  5. Fractured Reservoir Characterization and Management
  6. Unconventional Resources
  7. Production Geoscience and Operations Geology
    • Geomechanics and Pore-Pressure Prediction
    • Borehole Geophysics, including Distributary Acoustic Sensing
  8. CO2 / H2S Presence: Risks, Prediction and Management
  9. Project Uncertainty, Risk and Economic Assessment
  10. Reserve Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis

Who Should Attend

The Reservoir Geoscience conference is designed for all geoscientists, engineers, researchers and academics, from around the world, who are interested and involved in all relevant disciplines of reservoir studies and associated applications, practices and technologies in the Exploration, Development and Production Business of the oil and gas industry.