81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019 Student Programme

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
Call for papers

Meet the Participants: Ming Yi Wong

In the build up to the EAGE Annual 2019, we are proud to introduce you to a selection of the participants who will be joining us for the 81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition (3-6 June) in London. Ming Yi Wong is a long term member of EAGE and is currently a member of the EAGE Young Professionals Special Interest Community. Here she tells us a little about why she is looking forward to the EAGE Annual 2019.


Q. Tell us a little about yourself? 

I am a Senior Reservoir Geophysicist at Equinor ASA based in Norway. Since September 2018, I serve as committee member of the EAGE Young Professionals (YP) special interest group and volunteer for both the SPE Women in Energy and the SEG Women’s Network. Apart from reservoir geophysics, my interest include midstream commercial activities and innovation within the industry. 


Q. When did you first get involved with EAGE and why?


I first got involved with EAGE when I started my PhD with the Edinburgh Time-Lapse Project (ETLP) at Heriot Watt University. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to attend my first EAGE Annual Conference 2013 in London. It was an eye-opening event for me as I have never attended any conference of such scale and dynamism in Asia or Australasia. I decided to submit an abstract for the annual EAGE Conference 2014 in Madrid and ever since I have tried to attend and present at each EAGE Annual conference as the exposure I received from industry experts was most valuable. As an aspiring PhD student, it was one of the best platforms to present ones work and to network with like-minded individuals with similar research or area of interest.


Q. Tell us a little about your last EAGE event? Which elements stood out for you?


The last EAGE conference I attended was in Paris 2017 and I was really impressed with the diversity in the technical topics. There was a lot more emphasis and discussions on machine learning, sustainability in field operations, and many more new advancements in all areas of geosciences. I attended several technical sessions related to time-lapse seismic, reservoir characterization, and presented in one of the time-lapse seismic session. 


Q. What does the EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition offer you professionally, personally or academically?


The EAGE Annual Conference offers an excellent platform for networking and provides the opportunity to receive constructive feedback from peers in the industry and academia. Academically, I am always keen to get feedback from the audience. It is a way of testing out ideas and my thinking.


Professionally speaking, attending the annual conference and exhibition is a good way to keep abreast of the latest techniques, especially from vendors in the exhibition hall, get new ideas for your research, and meet other professionals working in your area.


Personally, I am always excited to find out where the next conference will be held, I love the opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people.    


Q. What do you see as the added benefit of the EAGE Annual?


The EAGE Annual Conference and Exhibition provides its global network of professionals and students an opportunity to interact and exchange knowledge. This is a unique forum because the topics are multidisciplinary and has something catered to both geoscientists and engineers. Whilst I was a student, the numerous activities helped me to gather industry-related knowledge in a student-friendly way and granted me the opportunities to get to know fellow geoscience students from all around the world. As a young professional, it gave me insights into the latest technologies in the field of reservoir geophysics and how other companies are solving complex problems. The added benefit for attending the EAGE annual conference and exhibition is you get a flavor of everything compared to some smaller conferences that are more discipline specific.


Q. What will you be doing at the EAGE Annual 2019 in London?


For the EAGE Annual 2019 in London, I am involved in the EAGE Young professional special session which focuses on the theme of ‘’Energy transition: the role of fossil fuels and renewable resources in a low carbon future’’. The event features four very relevant and charismatic speakers such as Anne Strømmen (NORSAR), Laura Sandys (SGN Network), Gareth Burns (Equinor), and Iain Stewart (University of Plymouth) who will discuss the topic from their point of view and network with the attendees. I think it is important to hear about new emerging innovations and challenges in the energy landscape to better equip ourselves with new skills and knowledge. I am glad to be organizing this event and very much looking forward to it; I believe this is very relevant to students, academics and young professionals. I have also submitted an abstract and hoping to present it in the EAGE Annual 2019 in London.


Q. What advice would you give to first time attendees?


I would recommend any first-time attendees to take note of relevant talks, events, panel debates and special sessions ahead of time. Keep some key objectives in mind and plan your schedule accordingly. One of the primary foci as a first timer should be building network, take advantage of the coffee breaks in between sessions, talk to vendors in the exhibition booth to find out more about new software and products, attend social events like student evening, conference evening and icebreakers. Most importantly, have fun!