Asia Petroleum Geoscience Conference & Exhibition (APGCE 2019)

29 - 30 October
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for papers


The technical committee encourages abstract submission under the theme of "Fresh Ideas, New Frontiers". 






Topic Number Topic Name
GEOLOGY 1-1 SE Asia Geology and Petroleum Potential
1-1.1 Regional Tectonic of Asia
1-1.2 Basins of South East Asia
1-1.3 Advances in Understanding Unconformities in Asian Basins
1-1.4 Geoscience Developments Worldwide Impacting Asia
1-2 Advances in Geology
1-2.1 Play Based Exploration
1-2.2 Integrated Geoscience Applications
1-2.3 Advances in Formation Evaluation and Integration
1-2.4 Petroleum System and Basin Modeling
1-2.5 Source Rock and Geochemistry
1-3 Modeling Sedimentary Systems
1-3.1 Reservoir Systems
1-3.2 Carbonate
1-3.3 Clastics
1-4 Stratigraphic Techniques and Tools
1-4.1 Sequence Stratigraphy
1-4.2 Biostratigraphy
1-4.3 Chemostratigraphy
1-5 Structural Geology and Petroleum Traps
1-5.1 Fracture Plays & Fractured Reservoir
GEOPHYSICS 2-1 Advances in Geophysics
2-1.1 Seismic Acquisition
2-1.2 Seismic Processing and Imaging
2-1.3 4D Timelapse Seismic
2-1.4 Full Waveform Inversion
2-1.5 Advances in Velocity Model Building for Imaging
2-1.6 Advances in Time-Depth Conversion
2-2 Quantitative Interpretation
2-2.1 Rock Physics and Seismic Attributes
2-2.2 Advances in Reservoir Characterization and Modeling (MicroCT, digital core analysis)
OVERARCHING 3-1 New Play Concepts
3-1.1 Challenges and Opportunities in Unconventional Resources
3-1.2 Frontier Exploration
3-1.3 New Ideas and Opportunities in Mature Basin
3-1.4 Deepwater Petroleum System
3-1.5 Unconventional Plays
4-1 Fields Development and Monetisation
4-1.1 Reservoir Monitoring (including Smart Fields)
4-1.2 Challenges and Opportunities in IOR and EOR Applications
4-1.3 Risk and Uncertainty Management in Exploration
4-1.4 Resource Evaluation and Assessment
4-1.5 CO2 Prediction and Management (CO2 sequestration & mitigation plan)
4-1.6 Pore Pressure Prediction & Geoscience to Plan, Execute Safe and Cost Effective Wells
5-1 Technology Development in Geoscience
5-1.1 Deep and Machine Learning in Geoscience
5-1.2 Distributed Sensing (Acoustic, Thermal, Pressure)
SPECIAL APPLICATIONS 6-1 Fresh Ideas, New Frontiers
6-1.1 Big Data Analytics in Geoscience
6-1.2 AI in Geoscience
6-1.3 Multiphysics (development of Joint-Inversions technology)
6-1.4 Digital Rock Physics
6-1.5 Geoscience and Renewables
6-1.6 Geoscience and Process Safety (Subsurface Risk Management)