EAGE Workshop on Big Data and Machine Learning for E&P Efficiency

25 - 27 February
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for papers

EAGE Earth-Hack

We are excited to announce the EAGE Earth-Hack Hackathon to be held in Kuala Lumpur. With focus on solving on big data geoscience problems in the oil & gas industry, it is a first of its kind in Asia-Pacific and is highly anticipated event to bring together machine learning enthusiasts, students, geoscientists, and industry specialists to exchange ideas and develop solutions to the many complex earth imaging problems the industry is faced with.

It is envisioned to be a two-and-a-half-day (22 - 24 February 2019) prior to the EAGE Machine Learning Workshop, where software developers, engineers and geoscientists will spend intensive hours to hack, test and experiment with the latest advancements in machine learning algorithms against subsurface data such as seismic, logs, cores, to solve data mining, geological interpretation and quantitative reservoir characterization problems. It is a great opportunity for companies to benchmark machine learning algorithms performance, expose the most promising technologies, and understand successes and pitfalls in machine learning. Winning team stand a chance to win cash prize up to EUR2,000!







In this regard, we would like to solicit your sponsorship of this event:

· Prize for Winning Team, Venue, ect.. 
· Problem Dataset
   o Geological Documents
   o Well Data
   o Seismic Data
   o Images (Cores, etc)
· GPU Cloud Compute Resources

We also encourage volunteers to assist in the Hackathon as industry mentors and/or technical jury. For more information, please reach out to Irene Ng (ing@eage.org).


Earth-Hack Handbook