EAGE/AAPG Workshop on Reducing Exploration Risk in Rift Basins

26 - 27 August
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for papers

Topics for Abstract Submission


The Technical Program Committee is encouraging the submission of high quality abstracts with direct application to rift basin exploration. Abstracts are being sought for the following topics:

 1. Regional Studies and Exploration Case Histories from around the world and Global Analogues
 2. The Structural and Stratigraphic Framework of Rift Basins
 3. Modern Rift Basin Analogues
 4. Exploration Strategies in Mature Rift/Post-Rift Basins
 5. The Nature of the Synrift to Post-Rift Transition and its Impact on Prospectivity
 6. How Igneous Activity Affects Hydrocarbon Plays in Rifts
 7. Geomechanical Hazards of Exploring and Developing Prospects for the Deep Synrift Section
 8. Clastic, Carbonate and Unconventional Reservoirs in Rift Basins
 9. Synrift Petroleum Systems and Hydrocarbon Prediction