81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019

Embrace Change - Creativity for the Future

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
Call for papers

Meet the Participants: Our London Local Chapter!

In the build up to the EAGE Annual 2019 , we are proud to introduce you to a selection of the participants who will be joining us for the 81st EAGE Conference and Exhibition (3-6 June) in London. Our Local Chapter London, who last year took home the best Local Chapter Award, have been kind enough to let us in on their secret for success and to welcome us to their home city for the EAGE Annual 2019!


 Q. How did your Local Chapter get started? 


Like with every new beginning – a good plan is the key to success. Although there is a very vibrant sister organization – PESGB - active in London, we felt like geophysical aspects were not sufficiently covered. So a group of volunteers presented a petition in 2017 and opened a new Local Chapter to serve as a reference network for EAGE members in the area and provide that multidisciplinary connection that would complement the local geoscience scenario.


 Q. Last year you took home the best Local Chapter Award - what would you say made your Local Chapter stand out?


It is a difficult question to answer. Most of the Chapters in our opinion did excellent work during 2017 – seminars, field trips, conferences. What we believe was key to our success is the variety, collaboration and true passion for geoscience. Besides EAGE we actively collaborated with other local organizations – PESGB, SEG and the Geological Society of London. We organized 10 evening talks on a regular monthly basis. The talks covered a wide spectrum of topics from geophysics – reservoir characterization – geology. We believe community development is as important as knowledge sharing, hence we also offered our members opportunities to join us for social events, visits and networking activities. The Best Local Chapters Awards will be presented again in 2019: this time, we will be running in the Best Local Chapter event, while four Chapters established within less than 1 year will compete for the Best Local Chapter “Newcomer” prize.


Q. This year the EAGE Annual will be taking place in London (3-6 June). What role will you play?


The EAGE Annual coming to London is a great opportunity for our Chapter to connect with local and visiting professionals. Representatives of the LC will attend the event and present our activities and plans for 2019. To learn about our activities at the Annual and all year round, make sure to join our group via LinkedIn.


Q. What would you say is the added value of EAGE for geoscientists and engineers?


EAGE gives geoscientists a platform to share knowledge, to network and - also a really important thing – for the academia to meet the industry.



Q. Your advice for new Local Chapters: What is the most important thing to focus on in the first year?


If you aim to open a new Local Chapter or you have just opened one – I’d encourage you to set up Chapter goals – short and long term. Think how often and what sort of events you want to organize. Make sure you have the right committee to help you work towards achieving your goals – make each person responsible for something. Make decisions publicly with the members of the committee. Keep your members engaged by asking for their feedback, make contacts during the events. Feedback is very important and helps to keep the interest going and satisfy the needs of the members. Make friends in other, especially locally working societies. In some, especially smaller locations it make sense to organize joined activities.



You can meet our London Local Chapter between 3-6 June at the EAGE Annual 2019!