81st EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2019

Embrace Change - Creativity for the Future

3 - 6 June
London, United Kingdom
Call for papers

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 Dedicated Session






Best of Petroleum Geoscience - Global Resource development (in collaboration with Geology Society
Prof. P.S. Ringrose (Equinor ASA)
Dr P.A.F. Christie (Schlumberger)
Dr R. Hughes (Geological Society of London)

This exciting session will bring together an eclectic mix of papers featuring research that has recently been published, or is about to be published, in Petroleum Geoscience. The journal, jointly owned by EAGE and the Geological Society of London, has recently expanded its remit to cover sub-surface characterization for geoenergy and CCS applications, as well as its traditional oil and gas focus. Papers in the session will deal with all the sub-surface, rock-related disciplines and will include a synopsis of the 2019 Bryan Lovell meeting on geology for decarbonising energy, hosted by GSL and EAGE.


Education in the Future
Prof. C. MacBeth (Heriot Watt University)
Mr H.J. Kloosterman (Shell International E&P BV)


Emerging Technologies and Innovative Methods Driving the Next Generation of Exploration Discoveries on the UKCS
Ms M. Iredale (PESGB)
Dr N. Holgate (PESGB)
Dr N. Frewin (Shell)


From Rock Chip to Seismic
Dr C.J. Lowrey (Bayerngas Norway AS)
Dr M.E. Donselaar (Delft University of Technology)


What's On in Geoscience 2025? - Geoscience Start-Up Case Studies
Ms E. Piron (Pole AVENIA)


What’s On in Geoscience 2015? - Geoscience Innovation Environments
Ms E. Piron (Pole AVENIA)


Geothermal - Techinical Advances & Cross Disciplinary Cooperation (in collaboration with IGA)
Dr M. Brommer (International Geothermal Association)


Key Innovation and  (Potential) Game Changing Developments
Dr M. Widmaier (PGS)
Dr J. Britton (ION)


Near-Surface Geoscience - Global Significance,Markets, Applications and Case Studies
Dr G. Apostolopoulos (National Technical University of Athens)


Source Rocks, Seals and Reservoirs - A Whole Story and Continuous Lithological and Petrographical Components
Mr J.J. Biteau (Total)


European Super-Basins
Dr J.C. Navarre (Total)


Sustainability -  Our Business  and the  Community
Dr C. Le Turdu (Schlumberger)


Geothermal: The Entrepreneur, Business Models and Politics (in collaboration with IGA)
Dr M. Brommer (International Geothermal Association)

Recent Exploration Discoveries
Dr B. Ritchie (BP)
Mr A. Latham (Wood Mackenzie)


Salt Tectonics Case Studies
Dr J.C. Ringenbach (Total)

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