EAGE-GSM 2nd Asia Pacific Meeting on Near Surface Geoscience & Engineering

22 - 26 April
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Call for papers

List of topics for the EAGE-GSM 2nd Asia Pacific meeting on Near Surface Geoscience & Engineering

1. Methods:  2. Application Areas:
 1.1 Seismic methods (Active & Passive) – reflection, refraction, surface waves, ect.  2.1 Engineering –application in geotechnical investigations, site characterization, etc.
 1.2 Electric, EM, MT, MRS and NMR Methods  2.2 Geohazards and disaster mitigation - quick clay, landslide, liquefaction, earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, ground subsidence etc.
 1.3 Potential field methods  2.3 Geosciences for human environment –hydrogeophysics & hydrogeology, climate, contamination survey, etc.
 1.4 Remote sensing  2.4 Geosciences for surface mining and safety – open cut mining, slope stability, tailings dam, etc.
 1.5 Ground-Penetrating Radar  2.5 Shallow minerals exploration
 1.6 Other geophysical methods - radiometry, thermal, photometry, muion, etc  2.6 Petroleum exploration – improving deep images by understanding near-surface.
 1.7 Borehole logging, borehole to surface, cross-hole and tomographic methods  2.7 Shallow marine geosciences
 1.8 Ground modelling and inversion (2D, 3D and 4D)  2.8 Geosciences for archaeology and cultural heritage
 1.9 Integrated approaches in near-surface geosciences  2.9 Geosciences for forensics detection
 1.10 Microseismic monitoring    2.10 Geothermal exploration
 1.11 New emerging technologies and instrument development  2.11 Medical geosciences
   2.12 Geoparks/ geotourism