Fifth International Conference on Fault and Top Seals 2019

8 - 12 September
Palermo, Italy
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Field Trip San Vito lo Capo Peninsula 12 September 2019

The San Vito lo Capo peninsula is located at the north-western edge of Sicily, in between the towns of Palermo and Trapani. The San Vito lo Capo peninsula extends roughly north-south, and represents the westernmost sector of the Sicilian orogenic belt. This portion of the belt is mainly comprised of south-verging folds and thrust sheets, which involve Mesozoic to Tertiary platform carbonates that evolve upwards into deep-water marls, limestones, and siliciclastic deposits. The aforementioned terrenes are, in turn, unconformably overlain by terrigenous deposits of Plio-Pleistocene age, which are largely exposed along the  coastal plain of nearby the Castelluzzo village. The Plio-Pleistocene deposits are made of porous carbonate grainstones overlain by shales and sandstones. Along the coastline, small outcrops of Tyrrhenian conglomerates and bio-calcarenites are also nicely exposed.

The field trip will depart from the NH Hotel of downtown Palermo, and will allow us to visit outcrops exposing different types of rocks and tectonic structures. The morning session will focus on the structural properties of high-angle faults related to the neotectonic activity of western Sicily. The high-angle faults crosscut both Lower Pleistocene porous carbonate grainstones (Stop 1) and Meso-Cenozoic tight limestones (Stop 2), showing multiple deformation mechanisms, multi-scale properties, and various linkages processes. The lunch break will take place at the Tonnara del Secco area (Stop 2). In the afternoon, the field trip will focus on the fault architecture of a large-scale, strike-slip fault in Meso-Cenozoic limestones. The last stop (Stop 4) will be optional, depending upon time available and will allow us to appreciate the cataclastic volumes associated to high-angle normal faults in Triassic dolomites.

Field Trip Programme 12 September 2019

8:30 - Departure from the NH Hotel Palermo


10:00 – Stop 1 - Piana di Castelluzzo. Deformation bands in Lower Pleistocene carbonate grainstones.


12:30 – Stop 2 - Tonnara del Secco. Multi-scale of extensional jogs, open and shear fractures in Meso-Cenozoic tight limestones.


13:30 - Lunch in the Tonnara del Secco*


15:00 – Stop 3 - Il Faro. Fault zone architecture in Meso-Cenozoic tight limestones.


17:00 - Stop 4 - La cava (optional). Faults and fractures in Dolomite.


18:00 - End of the Field Trip and Departure from San Vito Lo Capo
19:15 - Arrival at the Punta Raisi airport of Palermo

20:00 - Arrival at Hotel NH Palermo


  *Lunch is provided to all field trip participants.

 Don't forget to bring:

- Hiking boots

- Sunscreen

- Hat

- Light raincoat

- Swimsuit and beach towel (optional)