Second EAGE/AMGP/AMGE Latin-American Seminar in Unconventional Resources

14 - 15 November
Mexico City, Mexico
Closing soon
Call for papers

Call for Abstracts is now open!


Call for Abstracts 

The Technical Committee invite practitioners, innovators and industry experts to contribute to this workshop and share their achievements and challenges, lay out big innovative ideas and seek new alliances to jointly develop a road for the future.

Contributors are welcome to submit an abstract of 2-4 pages in length. Submission for posters & oral presentations is welcome on all topics. Master or PhD Students and Academia professionals are invited to submit abstracts.

Abstracts should be submitted via the EAGE website using the downloadable template.

Please here to download the CFA Template


The deadline for abstract submission is 19 July 2019. Please submit abstracts on the following topics: 

  • Understanding Geological Risk and Uncertainties on Emerging Shale/Tight Oil and Gas Plays

- Geochemical Modeling
- Geological Modeling
- Geomechanical Modeling
- Natural Fractures
- Petrophysical Integration and Reservoir Characterization (Rock and Reservoir Quality)
- Evaluation and estimation of reserves

  • Integrated Model to Identify and Characterize the Sweet Spot

- Seismic and Microseismic
- Data processing
- Seismic attributes and investment
- Seismic Anisotropy

- Physics of rocks

  • Best Practices to Design Wells, Drilling and Completions

- Multidisciplinary data integration
- Numerical and Reservoir simulation
- Well Designs, Planning and Multi-landing Reservoir
- Geosteering

  • New Innovations and Technology in Production and Completions

    - Technology Innovations 
    - EOR - Unconventional
    - Facilities
    - Well Completions Design 
    - Well Integrity

  • Key Factors for Investments and social implications 

    - Regulatory, environmental and social framework
    - Supply Chain
    - Tax Regime
    - Potential Market
    - Water Resources: Management, Utilization, Recycling and Disposal, Groundwater protection
    - Microsiesmicity and Induced Seismicity

  • Case Studies 

    - The best practices and lessons learned 
    - Big Data Analytic and Machine learning