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First EAGE Workshop on EOR Development and Evolution in Latin America:

Research, Planning, Implementation and Surveillance

20 - 21 August
Bogotá, Colombia
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Workshop Overview


The European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) and the National University of Colombia in Medellin (UNAL) have joined forces for the organization of the first EAGE workshop on enhanced oil recovery (EOR) in Latin America. The event will be held in Bogotá, Colombia, 21 -22 August 2020, and bring in experts to discuss new ideas, trends, and experiences covering all phases of an EOR project: research, planning, field implementation, and surveillance. As the existing oil fields mature and the petroleum industry strive for new oil resources, including the unconventionals, EOR methods have been gaining significant momentum globally. Colombia and the other oil producing Latin American countries are no exception to these trends. The workshop will offer new fundamental and practical insights into the EOR methods and provide first-hand experience from successful operators, service companies, government representatives and academia. There is value to be unlocked in every aspect of an EOR project.

Bogotá is a vibrant sprawling city in Colombia with a history of constant transformation. An interesting exhibit of such heritance could be found at the Museo del Oro, displaying pre-Columbian gold pieces as well as the evolution of methods to craft them over centuries. If you are looking for new ways to transform your asset potential. Please, join us in Bogotá for the First EAGE/ UNAL workshop on EOR in Latina America: Research, planning, implementation and surveillance.






This event is targeted to industry experts, professionals, authorities, researchers and companies who are involved or interested in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) projects. This is considered an important strategy to increase the oil and gas recovery factor and field productivity.

This workshop is an opportunity to share technical-scientific knowledge and to show national and international operators and service companies the potential of this projects, as Latin America being the main focus.